Emilie. Evil did not win.

This video makes me know that I am not crazy.  it makes me know that my ‘herd’, my best.people.ever are bits of what God sent to take care of us.  I love this video and it hurts.  I don’t cry like this that often.  That lovely and kind and compassionate girl looks and reminds me of my lovely.  Our stories are so different, but the journey and knowledge are that same.  Madeline made sure we were taken care of… she promised us when she left.

Emilie’s family is doing amazing and powerful things to share her with the world.  They are opening their hearts and minds and souls to share the words and things that have changed them and help them.  This is an amazing gift.  “This kindness, given quietly from a family I hardly knew, was one of so many”.  God send the best.people.ever… prayers, changers, doers… they bring hope, love and strength.  Little people make such big changes in this world…

Her words have helped and solidified my beliefs, my knowledge.  I thank her for that.  Her words make me know I am not crazy.

“People ask -But where was your God when this happened?  Why didn’t he stop it?… God allowed others to kill His son, He allows for us to all make our own choices, good and bad, because that’s the only way good can be in us- is if we freely choose it above all else… Evil didn’t win that day ”

Happy, sad, inspired, hurting, okay, crying, changed and moved.  So many things, so many emotions… I am reassured and changed.




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