A little bit of tonight.


Sometimes she just makes us be happy… in the moments that I don’t want to be at all.  I swear.  Went to Mass, had dinner, drove to Maddie’s Spot and sang corny terrible carols… plugged in her lights and tree and played in the dark at the cemetery… went out looking at all the crazy fancy rich people’s lights and are now home… tired and getting tucked in.  (Santa has some work…).  The hard and heavy and sad are often met with some way out that we didn’t even know existed.  It isn’t the same, but it is right now, it is this life that we have now.  I think it is the best way that Madeline can share in our day- by forcing us to smile and be silly.

Here is a song that I love, discovered on Pandora Tran Siberian Orchestra, and love.  Its deep, heavy and kind of dark… in sound.. but it is uplifting.  It is real.  I love it.  Enjoy… share, spread love, smile, craft, cook, laugh, dance, don’t take a shower, order food, stay home, go out, drink wine, play in the snow… whatever it is that you and your enjoy.


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