Be Lovely. Do Amazing.

When a life is changed and altered and rocked by loss, the way mine has, you must find a motto, so to speak.  You must find your way around the obstacles, over the hurdles, through the pain and just travel with your ‘normal’.  This is better done with a motto, I think.

What Madeline Elizabeth Musto taught me in her life and death was more than I could ever type, speak, comprehend or understand.  Much of it can be summed up in a true motto though… and maybe someday I can add something more to the motto, but this is it.  This is the… summary of what gets me by in this journey.

I realized this today as I was driving to the hospital to help another Foundation (Rosie’s Love) to volunteer in her “Christmas Store”.  Grandma Pat sets up a shop in clinic at Albany Med for kids in clinic to shop for their families.  Those children aren’t in a place to go to the mall and their families are extra busy trying to create a special holiday- with the added bonus of hours of chemo or transfusions.  Anyway, I was driving to Albany Med to get to help in anyway I could and hoped that it would put me in a happy, holiday mood… and a thought hit me.  Be Lovely.  Do Amazing.  It dawned on me.  This is the way.  I don’t know that it was a BAM moment, but it was an ‘open up your eyes’ one.  It was my new motto.

Be Lovely.  Do Amazing.

What does this mean?

Let’s break it down.  A motto is a way to understand something and work toward it… a way to shorten the words of a goal or hope.  In marketing it is a way to catch your attention in a few short words and make you understand.  I think this popping into my head was a lil gift from my lovely.  I think it was a bit o’ guidance in this crazy, messy life that is not at all normal and some days I think is truly killing me.  I beg for guidance, then words pop into my head.  Words that are easy to remember and remind me to bring out the good stuff.

Be Lovely.

Be like Madeline.  Be simple, real and happy.  Create relationships that are easy and don’t cost lots of life (bucket fillers)… In a way I think it means get ready.  Erin, get up, work out, SHOWER.  Get Lovely, even if it only means clean.  You feel better when you do.  Your energy is higher when you do.  So do.  Put on a cute dress and boots and a fancy set of earrings (scarf, belt, 6 bracelets)… anything that makes you feel better and kinder to you.  GET LOVELY.  The world still loves me in yoga pants and wobbly bits, but do what makes ME feel better, safer, comfier, happy and more confident.  That will make me feel better, more lovely.  Move toward lovely and make happy easier to touch, if that makes sense.  Lovely people shine.  Madeline was so bright and happy and real and shiny-  none of those things in a way that were materialistic, but in confidence and personality.  I miss her light, her happy, her soul.  I think this reminded me to seek that and find some comfort- who knows maybe some happy.

Do Amazing.

Share Madeline.  In doing this the world will know her, know her heart, soul and spirit and they will be changed.  Do things that I know she would want or wants… I know that when things work out a certain way it is what she wants.  Share her in my words, my movements, my actions, my writing and in my parenting and relationships.  Treat people in a way that she would… with tolerance, acceptance, peace and simple kindness.  Encourage others to do this- by modeling.  DO AMAZING.  Find areas in that need improvement and change them- in your home, relationships, community and world.  I am still here, still on earth, do something, move and change things.  Help those I encounter along the way, as long as I am taking care of myself as well, help them with their journey, their challenge… be their shoulder, advocate, reminder, friend… whatever job I was brought to them to help with.  I will follow my heart and pray for clear paths… for Madeline to help me share her amazing, kind spirit.  I will do the best I can to Do Amazing, for my lovely Musto Chick and her lovely sister chicks…

So there it is, all typed and finished.  I have worked on this post for about 2 weeks and am now ready to press the publish button.  I am putting it out there, bigger than a resolution- this is my motto.  Who knows someday I might just put it on my bracelet or tee shirt to remind me that this is my job/goal/responsibility in this life.  So if you see me missing my motto or moving in a different direction, or lookin’ all junky when I need to Be Lovely and feel better about me… speak up.  Don’t be afraid to speak up…

What is your motto?


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