Last article or spotlight of Madeline in 2013…

… now to work hard on 2014.  This will be a big year for her, I can feel it.  I am so proud and happy and did I say proud???  When so many learn about her and know her, see her and understand her.  She was an amazing girl, she is proving to be a pretty spectacular angel.  My angel, our Musto angel…

It was quite lovely and fitting that the post from our local radio stations “Hometown Hero” post be out up on December 31, 2013.  It was a different angle to tell and share.  It was a good way to sum up and end 2013- talking about my heroes, our teams heroes.  I speak for them all and tell you it is those Musto Chicks that inspire this Foundation- this helping, sharing and bringing Madeline into all of the New Year’s we have here on Earth.  Those girls, all three of them, are my heroes.  They all poop me out, make me think and remind me of how much work I need to do inside of me and in this community…

Enjoy, share and smile.  2014 will bring many more opportunities to write, speak and share…


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