My very own ‘best day ever’

I am grateful and blessed.  I like to start most of my days and thoughts with that right there.  I was blessed enough to get a nice little break from my crazy, sometimes fun, sometimes lonely life… I got to wake up to a different ceiling and fun, loud, busy and full-of-energy city.  I got to disappear-ish to New York City and enjoy a little adventure.  As soon as I dropped Lucy off I felt a little lighter and pretty free.  I showered, got ready and picked Amanda up to head out… with no real time crunch or arrival goal.  I had a few hours of undivided attention to talk, laugh, listen and just be right there with one of my favorite people.  We arrived in the city (with almost dead cell phones and urgent foundation problems to fix) and we made it to dinner with no stress.  We met up with a friend and enjoyed a wonderful and tasty dinner out.  We walked back to our hotel and hung out like the cool young people around us… and then made it to bed 

In the morning we got up, headed to ABC studios and got into line to prepare to see one of my favorite famous people… the one who was there for some of my favorite normal memories when Madeline first came to this world.  WHAT.AN.AWESOME.ENERGY that studio had.  I mean honestly it was a big room full of happy and content and energized people.  Then came Kelly and Michael- they were meant to be there together on screen.  They were funny, real and comfortable.  We got to watch their little show adventures and outfit changes and commercials to prep… it was crazy.  I enjoyed every single moment in there.  I felt like I was leaving and old friend when I left, like I was meant to hug her and say hello, but it didn’t work.  It really felt like I was leaving missing her… which is funny since I had never ever seen her in her real skin before…

We headed out for an early lunch and the coffee that I had missed that morning.  We talked and shared and laughed and I made people cry… which basically made it a party.  Then my lovely friend from Philly headed back and Amanda and I headed off to figure out what the rest of ‘Erin’s Best Day Ever’ looked like…

It looked like a simple, fun and non-planned day.  We switched shoes (well when I say ‘we’ I mean ‘she’… I unfortunately have huge blood blisters under my toes)… and headed out to wander, explore and see… Central Park, 5th avenue, Park Avenue… beautiful buildings, interesting people, dogs everywhere… great conversation, bits of advice and stops to go pee and grab a snack.  We grabbed our bags before dinner then headed in the direction of the train station.  We crossed paths with Amanda’s Daughter who was in NYC with friends, got a little lost and then had dinner with my aunt and cousin.  It was great… and just right.  Food, conversation and timing worked perfect, so perfect.  We finished dinner hopped on a train and headed towards home.  We read, talked a little and rested our old tired eyes… then I dropped Amanda off, drove home and slept for 9 hours… which is a lot of sleep for me.

I woke up this morning and missed my lovelies… all of them, but especially the crazy ladies who were staying at Matt’s.  I couldn’t wait for them to get here… then they came in and it was like a loud, crazy, jumbled bomb went off.  I was home, finally!  The loud crazy people who love me were home, fighting, running, shreaking like bad brakes, yelling and singing… and after a few minutes of hyperventilating and finding myself I was home and comfortable and okay.  I could say- “Adventure done, ‘best day ever’ complete, bring on the next thing”… and so I did…



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