This is in some ways an apology…

So the other day I put a message on LIVE with Kelly and Michaels wall in hopes of sharing our story, Madeline and maybe getting to meet those awesome hosts… and I did not know that everyone in the world could see it.  So I shared my blog that day, and I was terrified for a while.  I felt like and idiot and naked… but am good now.  I know it sounds like I was keeping this big secret because it was so cool and important… but really it was that this blog is me, a more raw bit of me.  Raw is hard for me… to think that everywhere I am going people know my feelings or my hards… is hard.  I can handle it most of the time, I was built just for this journey.  I don’t want things to change, hence the reason I don’t post and share and create a big audience.  I was scared for the world to see me raw.  That they would treat me differently, with pity or worry.  So… please know that I didn’t do this and write these words to never share them, I didn’t do this and write this to stay super private and secret… but to impact and change someone and to help me write, compose and think out my thoughts.  This is my journal.

Please read and enjoy… feel, hurt, laugh, cry and share.  I am not naked.  I am bold and creative and ready to share.  I am real and raw and different.  Just take these words as that, my journal, my journey.  Carry them with you when you need, remember my smart pieces of life that can help you and learn from my stupid choices and wrong turns.  I am grateful for all those who follow us, carry us and share… so thank you.  You are all part of my blessings.  You are all part of why I am still here, alive, living, moving, breathing and changing… so I am out of the closet so-to-speak.  Welcome to my closet, I hope it is organized, enriching and you read and walk away changed…



2 thoughts on “Woops…

  1. “God won’t give you anything that you can’t handle.” Someone in my ladies Bible study said that to me one day. Moving to Vegas was a little overwhelming, things didn’t go exactly as planned….things started going downhill. Not in a life changing way, but in a disappointing way. I felt regret and I was afraid of the future. There hasn’t been one time in my life where I’ve been afraid of tomorrow. Jobs, rent, kids, etc…LIFE, was too much. We wore it on our faces. We couldn’t help it. I think about you often, I pray for you often and just ask that God is with you everyday, but especially when you need him most. XOXOXO


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