Time Marches On…

I feel, lately, the words from this song.  I haven’t heard it in so long, but I think about it and how real and relevant it is to life, now and always.  I have been a country fan since I was very young… I was obsessed with Garth Brooks when my friends were lost in New Kid on the Block music and gear.  Traditionally, I would not pin myself as very cool.  I always like different things than most, had different hobbies and was just different.  I loved this song back then.

The words are so… correct and real, even though the story being told isn’t mine.  Basically singing and sharing the fact that time does, in fact, march on.  The world never sits still, even when you and your world does.  I wonder, often, what life will look like in a year or five, when I can look back and see this part differently.  I also wonder what challenges I will be ‘gifted’ during that time.  I think my life is pretty amazing, and crappy.  I see both sides and guide myself toward the amazing. The life situation with Matthew weighs heavily on my heart and mind… but so there are so many great things too.  I have experiences, lately every.single.day, that I get to share, help or support a person or family.  My busy always comes when I need it most, I think that is God’s way of refocusing my travelling mind.  He sends important jobs to complete, people to meet and kids to help.  Along with that I get to sit and snuggle my girls most nights and laugh with them (punish, chase and enjoy)… So in all the confusing and bad there is so much good.

Time Marches On- a fact of this world we all live in.  Through all the bad stuff it is comforting to know that time will move us from this spot… in the good stuff it can be hard to think we will lose that good thing- but we must know that if we can see it there will always be good stuff.

So as time has marched on my life has changed so much… from a child… to what I am now.  I don’t know what would describe me now-a-says other than stubborn and hard to knock down.  This solid frame full of wobbly bits doesn’t fall over very easily… maybe this is the reason God made me adaptable.  Maybe my journey and life were meant to be lived, sometimes survived and sometimes enjoyed… but adaptability and a solid frame have been tools He gave me to get through it, see it and live it.  Maybe my wobbly bits are a gift… (hey a girl can dream :))… Enjoy an oldie, a goodie… a bit of my thought process lately.



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