Fight for Ryder.

Ryder Snow, get the

I don’t normally post our Maddie’s Mark Foundation ‘best days ever’… I just feel like this is separate.  I have to post this one…

Ryder is a 4 year old boy from Florida and was diagnosed with DIPG and wanted to play in the snow… with his family and father.  So with lots of best.people.ever Willard Mountain, Hilton Garden Inn, a limo company and Maddie’s Mark (as well as lots of friendly donors) Ryder got his wish.  I was lucky enough to get to see it and watch his amazing family enjoy their day.  It felt like I was watching their family enjoy a special day like ours did in Lake Placid, with Madeline.  It was awesome.  I brought along my amazing Photographer friend, Dania- Kidography by Dania, and she caught some amazing moments for Ryder and his dad Michael to have.  I am soooooo thrilled with the captured moments that are there for forever, that I really want to share and show off the kind of work we all do, and what we are trying to do when we create a ‘best day ever’.  So here it is… click away and share.  She is lovely, talented and amazing…

Kidographey by Dania- Fight for Ryder



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