There is so much I love about this movie… I love that the romance is a back story, almost unimportant to the messages.  I love the relationship between the girls Elsa and Anna… It is hard, lonely and strained through the middle, but there is love.  There is much symbolism in her learning to control the ice and freezing.  Her fear and discomfort produce jagged and sharp ice formations.  When Elsa was young she didn’t fear her abilities, she used them for joy.  There was an accident and that made her fear everything.  She was guided and almost forced to be lonely and scared of her talent.  The amazing snow day in their ballroom was soft and beautiful and fun… then the tragedy changed it.  That moment created a need for controlling and suppressing and putting away feelings, fears and talents… goals and living.  It is sad.  Anna doesn’t understand the lack of love and sadness and loneliness… the walls that were created to ‘keep her safe’.  Those walls were the reason for the crazy, cold and stormy story when Elsa became Queen of Arondale.

Elsa has to find her independence and see what her power is… to ‘Let it go’ and be herself.  When she lets down fear and anxiety she can control her power and create amazing, glorious and perfect structures – suppressing or putting away her feelings create storms and torment for those she is in charge of.  When she is finally faced with the ‘loss’ of her sister and the pain of that loss she is so sad… so empty.  She lets it go and the storm stops… she lets her feelings, her heavy and her loss show and the skies clear and the winds stop… the torment is gone.  Anna saves her, sacrifices herself for her sister and saves Elsa’s life.  In that moment, the moment of an act of true love (love defined in the movie as “putting someone else’s needs in front of your own”)… Anna stands in the way of what would have killed Elsa, over her moment to be saved by her love.  It is a moment that turns happy, when Anna’s heart becomes unfrozen… but for a few moments we are faced with this loss of a kind, amazing, compassionate and loving sister.  The end is amazing.  I love that she finds that saving everyone only requires love, that her power is a gift not a curse… that love is the way to change the cold and relentless winter.

Love is better than fear, anxiety, suppressing feelings and putting away talents, gifts, memories, relationships and confidence.  Using love to let it go, show it off and ‘control’ it will help it shine and be a positive thing.  Treating those things with fear, anger, hiding or anxiety will turn those gifts into curses and burdens to carry.  Imagine if the load were carried with love…

I love this movies for so many reasons.  I love the sister relationship, the struggle and the love.  I love the characters and their roles.  Every one had an important piece in telling this bold and powerful story.  I love the love… I love the talent and how much of a gift that talent was to the whole kingdom when it was used for joy.  Snowflakes and snowmen and ice skating in summer… happy people condensed in a town square… perfect ending.


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