Is feeling like a grown up today :)… today is one of those days being an ‘at home mom’ or teacher are the best.job.ever. It is a snow day… a clean, fresh and fluffy snow day. Last week I sent a nice little prayer up for a snow day, a day that we have to take a break and be home… and because my girls wanted today to be that- they sang, put their jammies inside out and backwards, shook their booties and did the naked dance and finished the night off with spoons under their pillow- low and behold we woke up to a snow day. Rock on Big Guy… always doing what we need. So today we are cleaning some and prepping for the weekend… also we are going to get dog food for sparky so she doesn’t clean house on organic brown eggs… though she is going to be shiny like a seal soon. We also have to buy high heels for Amelia to go to the Valentine’s Dance… and had to talk about friends that are boys and no boyfriends. That though James is funny and so handsome with his “big front teeth”… we don’t hang out with only one boy like that we go dance with our friends and have fun… AHHHHHH…
Seriously off topic today… why do I feel like a grown up?

I am typing to you all on my very first laptop, kind of for business. I have never had a laptop, or even my own computer since college. It feels very grown up and professional… like I should be typing in real grown up people clothes- not dressed in yoga pants sitting at my dining room table :). Who knows maybe I’ll go work from Starbucks tomorrow and update Facebook statuses or something :)… no seriously I have a huge amount of work to do. I just wanted to share a bit of my day and how my life is changed a little today. Also, apparently need to rub in that I have the best.job.ever hehe. I mean I do get to tote around a buncha Musto Chicks and run a Foundation that brings Madeline everywhere with me… so that is hard to beat.

Enjoy your day… fill it with all things that make you better and life good…


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