Being Carried.

I can feel it.  I can see it.  I can hear it.

We are being carried and surrounded.  Madeline is being remembered and shared.  The world often lifts us and carries us, our people always share Madeline and remember… but it is bigger right now.  It is pretty wonderful to feel that so many are doing and helping and loving and supporting us right now.  It is an extra bit of safe in this chaos, this crazy, this mess.  I am thankful and blessed, we all are.

We have had a heck of a winter, I hoped and prayed last week God would give us a snow day- a mandatory no plans day.  As per normal He delivered… this time in the way I needed.  Through out that day… the cleaning and the enjoying, the fights, the snuggles, the computer work, the puzzles… little things happened to show me that we are being carried.  Our neighbor snow blowed the first eight inches, which was awesome and kind.  Later in the afternoon, when I was off to Target with the girls, I walked by the window and saw our neighbor/friends shoveling our driveway and cleaning off my car.  It was really kind and generous to give us that time, to do that job and let us know that they were thinking of us.  I know they all miss Madeline, her happy little smile, her fresh and kind presence… and I am blessed that they remember and want to help us.  In the mail that day was a card, from an anonymous group of ladies, she talked about how Madeline had impacted her and how they wanted to do this little thing to help us know that the world is changed and we are carried.  They sent in the card a gift card to have our house cleaned, top to bottom.  WOW.  What a kind gift… what a way to help me feel some peace.  I feel that in chaos, we feel chaos…. so that is much more than they could imagine that gift to be.  A group of strangers gave our family the gift of less chaos…

The little cards, thoughtful notes and lovely gifts are so appreciated.  I don’t think they ‘get me through the day’ I would get through the day regardless- but they help me feel lighter through the day.  Those thoughtful treasures make me know that Madeline is still here, still remembered and always carried in hearts…

Those gestures and gifts and thoughtful expressions keep me more alive and more okay.  I am constantly reminded and shown all of the blessings in this mess… I think everyone is surrounded with blessings… you just need to look around to see them and love them…



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