Woke up today to a little bit of excitement, a lotta bit of glad and sun… Let me explain.

I am looking forward to being surrounded at Maddie’s Spot and sending lanterns and enjoying my best.people.ever up there.  At the same time that my family and Matthew’s family will be gathering together in our hometown to do the same, at the same time.  We are blessed.  I am looking forward to decorating Madeline’s Spot for Valentine’s day and handing out Valentine’s for her friends.  I love when we are all together. There are always some tears and some hard, but it is so light and positive- a celebration of her life.  I know everyone heads out and goes in their own direction and feels some of their sad… and knows the pain that is behind the celebration.  I know that everyone there feel the loss and missing of Madeline, but they love to celebrate her and share her and hear stories or see pictures they have never seen.  They love her, they love us, they are amazing- best.people.ever.

I am glad.  I am glad that my house is full and will be more full as the day goes on.  It makes me sad that Matthew is not a piece of this full, but that is not my choice.  I have to stay in my lane, and do this for me and my girls- all of them.  I know Madeline loves us celebrating and bringing her friends to her spot to love and remember.  So, I am  glad to have so many here and carrying me… carrying my girls, my family and Madeline’s memory.  I am glad my house is smushy and full, I love it.  My girls are happy and busy and talking about Madeline and laughing and playing with cousins, dogs…. making pan-a-cakes, eating egg sandwiches from Stewart’s and playing games.  It is a weird ‘best day ever’ but it will be one, is one already.  Thank you God…

Welcome SUN and little rainbow maker and a feeling of warm… I love you SUN.  Don’t stay away so much…


So there it is, a few thoughts and thanks and the day goes on.  Year two almost through…


2 thoughts on “Reflecting.

  1. Mrs. Musto,
    I wanted to let you know that I have been saving my spare change to donate to charity, and I saved up $28 to donate to Maddie’s Mark today. Also I am all decked out in my purple and butterflies to celebrate Maddie. I know Maddie is up in Heaven with my sister.


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