best.people.ever (again)

I am often reminded of the amazing people that not only wander and help in this world- but that help me and wander past me. These past weeks those good wanderers have been amazing.  I have come home to groceries (to get on track with weight, watchers), a gift card to have my house cleaned (WOW.  BAM.  THANK YOU…), my friend (a crazy talented photographer) did pictures for me- so blog posts, articles and such will have a lovely picture of muaw (thank you D).  I have gotten flowers on hard days and neighbors have shoveled my driveway and cleared my car… all and all it was a month of helpers.

Tonight was no exception.  We had our monthly meeting, which is a great catch up and share of all we are doing with Maddie’s Mark and all we hope to do.  Matt was a little worried about spending but it’s only February and there are so many opportunities to share Madeline, her story and raise money for her mission.  So… Erin in typical fashion told him to brush it off :), it will all work out.  In so many ways it always does… it works.  Our Maddie’s Elephants are doing great, our ‘best days ever’ are lining up here in Albany and in Watertown… our fundraisers look like fun and simple ‘best days ever’… and our enrichment projects are moving in the right direction.  Madeline must be proud and glad and pushing… she likes to keep us busy!  I love that.  I was so tired before that meeting… then I left with two tired girls who enjoyed a playdate with their friends at our meeting… and thought damn I am blessed.

I talked to the girls about how Faith and Sydney (their mom hosted the meeting and it on my board) have been their friends for a long time, and were Madeline’s age.  That Lucy and the twins, Faith and Sydney, were born on May 20- and Madeline and Amelia missed their birthday party for their sister to be born.  It led to a deep talk about whether babies (new cousins, friends kids and such) have met Madeline in heaven.  I love those talks.  I love those deep talks with my girls and having the opportunity to share what I know and guide them to know that too.  I love it.  I just love those car/drive/talk moments.  They are touching and memorable.  I know the girls carry them.

I loved that, although tonight was a long meeting, my team rocked.  They worked hard for months and brought good stuff to the table.  I know that Madeline has big jobs for us.  I know that Madeline is sending us people and directions… I know.  I was soooooo tired today.  It was a crazy day- get up get Meme to school, then drop Lucy off, get back to Meme for morning program and author share, rush to Lucy for Valentine’s Party and home for lunch… then errands and dentist and home and dinner and meeting… somewhere in there was homework, snack and reading… ahhhhhh!!!!  So I am glad tonight was good, it was invigorating.  I am proud, glad, happy, content and wishful… all good things.  I have hopes and goals and life to bring to this Foundation… big things my dear, big things.

Thank you for the words, love and support… always needed, always appreciated.



3 thoughts on “best.people.ever (again)

  1. Good people surround themselves with good people.
    I jumped on weight watchers bandwagon too. Let’s keep each other going, swap pointers, etc.. Text me! ❤


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