Home is where…

Home is where I sleep pretty darn well.

Home is where I get to see my family, see them share Madeline and work their butts off to help raise funds for Maddie’s Mark, tell our story and create a fun ‘best day ever’.

Home is where my kids love to be… seeing their cousins, playing, running, laughing, sharing, painting, sitting with their grandpa, eating junk food… all the good stuff.

Home is where I get to see old friends and catch up.

Home is where my old bed is, my old college, my school, my park, my grandma’s house… all the stuff that made me ready to be this ‘Erin’…

Home is where a big chunk of our ‘herd’ is and will always be… doing important jobs and changing peoples hearts…

Random post, but I just wanted to note and remind my brain of all that I love here… there is so much more- the people, the lake, the memories, the stories, the lessons, the changes… it is a best.place.ever.


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