Miles… Meanderings… Me…

A long time ago, about 5 year ago exactly, I reluctantly became a Jeep girl.  I had spent my life kind of caring about what I drove and if it was nice or newish, or cute- especially cute.  I loved my little teal Neon, that thing was adorable and could turn on a dime.  It was sporty and fun and me- at that moment in time.  I went a small amount of time with no car that I owned… and then got a little ugly gold car.  For some reason I felt the need to get a small SUV and be cooler, I have no idea why.  I should have stuck it out with the little one and paid much less for gas, but silly, young Erin wanted that car.  That lil SUV got me through 2 Musto chicks and that early adventures with them.  When I was pregnant for Lucy we needed something bigger.  Matt’s cousin knew we were looking and told us they had some Jeep Commanders to look at.  They were bigger, wider and Cheapish.  So we went and looked at them, and I was not in love and not glad or grateful.  I was feeling stuck in a Jeep because it fit 3 car seats and was affordable and was bigger… but it was a Jeep.  I had heard horror stories about maintenance (as you do with all cars), I hated the hard corners and the green color… I didn’t like the feel of the inside.  All and all I felt like it was a boxy hummer that I was stuck with.  Looking back I honestly should have said thank you to my husband who worked a lot to take care of us and was granting my wish of no golden minivan… but I didn’t.  I just kind of sulked and didn’t let myself be glad.  Silly Erin.

Fast Forward to today…


Today my big, green monster hit 100,000 miles and I was proud and glad.  What is the difference in this Erin and the Silly one?  A whole lotta real life experiences.  I feel proud that I have this Jeep 80,000+ miles since I got her.  That Jeep has seen life and death.  She was the car we drove our Lucy home in, and then toted 3 crazy babies around in, She’s seen midlife crises, stomach bugs, tantrums, laughing fits, 3 sleeping girls, martial fights, good conversations, sad conversations… She’s driven to friends who needed her and driven friends home who needed it.  She has been to them beach, to the sea, to the lake, around the whole state in a day… she’s heard me cus and pray.  She’s heard me mad and joyful… she holds the secrets of my bad signing and my lovelies rock band.  She is a hot mess most of the time, but shines when she’s cleaned.  She will never not be a part of my life…

This Erin is so different than the one that cared what kind of car she had… this Erin would love any car that toted all of her girls around.  One of my biggest accomplishments was making it to bedtime with 3 under 3 for so long… and that matters.  It doesn’t matter what you drive or what it looks like or how much it costs… its a car.  I am very emotionally attached to my Jeep though.  She is the last piece of my world that Madeline touched.  The morning that she died a friend took the 3 car seats and replaced them with 2 new ones.  It was such a blow to my heart.  My dirty, stinky and full Jeep will always be with me.  In fact, when she stops working (hopefully when I live somewhere with more land) I will creatively and artfully incorporate her into my garden somehow… and she will forever be with us.  I will see that big green monster that I had to fall in love with, and let go of my idealistic and materialistic goals of a shiny cool car.  She hit a milestone today that I felt needed sharing… 100,000 miles of toting around these Musto Chicks and our junk and treasures.  In the past 2 years she has dedicated herself and most of her gas to other families and adventures.  She has been a brave and bold lady… and might I add very reliable.  For all those who complain about money and regular needs… she has always needed those regular needs, just like all the others… but has proven to be very reliable and safe for our family.  She has needed new tires, brakes and regular expensive stuff… but that is all part of being able to drive a car and get around.  She has been empty and clean, but more often than not she has boxes for events, things for a ‘best day ever’ or left overs from some meeting… she is full of our life (including crumbs and coffee).

So, my big green monster, welcome to the next stage.  I wonder where 100,000+ will bring us.  Stay reliable, stay friendly and stay humble.  I will love you even after you get rusty and tired and stop working.  Someday life will slow down and you can retire to a relaxing spot near some daisies… for now congratulations my dear on 100,000 miles of toting Musto’s (well almost)….




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