Tag-a-long Talks

I love the talks to and from a tag-a-long.  I know I can set up a babysitter or ask Matt to take the girls when I have meetings and such but I like bringing them.  I like them seeing what I do, and honestly don’t like not being with them.  I mean I made my own bed this weekend and haven’t slept in it for over a month.  I love being with them and having them tag-a-long.  I feel empty when they aren’t with me.  I love having the school day and preschool time to get some life done.  I love when Miss Amelia gets off the bus (don’t love having to hear about spelling homework and such).

What I love about my tag-a-long talks is the importance of them… they can be deep or silly or sad or happy… but they are molding conversations.  They are the ones that will grow with us and shape each of us.  I am blown away often by how intelligent and bright and quirky and intuitive and creative those conversations can be.  They get me thinking and thanking.  Often times they are bits of what the meeting was about or what the event was.  Today they wondered about the ‘friends’ at my meeting… Miss Gina with Catie… Mr Tim with Ben.  They talk openly and kindly about those angels.  Some of it is just curiosity- but on a deeper level I can see their little gears turning and they are thinking and connecting.  They know that those kiddos are with Maddie, that they had cancer and tumors and died.  That’s how Lucy breaks it down.  It is as simple as that.  She tells me all the time that Maddie was happy or pretty or silly… but then she got a brain tumor and she died.  She tells me Madeline is in heaven and with Jesus and heaven is fun.  I love her simplicity and her knowledge.  Don’t you wish we could all do that?  She breaks it down and shares, wonders and thinks about it…. she feels her sad, but doesn’t seem confused about Madeline being gone.

Amelia talks less in that way.  She doesn’t join in all the time, but sometimes changes the subject.  Other times she will come from nowhere and talk about Madeline.  She tells me about school, friends, conversations, funny situations, books they read… reasons she dislikes Justin Beaver and how he takes medicine and isn’t nice to Selena Gomez… How she loves loves loves Taylor Swift and why can’t she watch ‘Dexter’…

Those car-ride tag-a-long talks would be gone if I didn’t bring the girls along on this crazy journey.  I would lose all of those special moments that I love. Sometimes if the day is just hard and I am in a terrible mood- I know that I should just load them in the car and head out somewhere.  The car convos cheer me up.  We are all over the place, you should see my mileage report?!?!!?  It is crazy.  I love having those ladies along for the ride.  I smile while we talk those talks… and laugh later thinking about them.  If there are no conversations kicking in the car you better believe we are rockin’ out to the Frozen CD.  It is the life of a Musto Chick… the busy, crazy full life of a Musto Chick.  I hope we always have those tag-a-long talks and they always want to tell me what they like and how funny James is at school- and how he is cute because he has such big teeth… I hope Lucy gets all simple deep and talk about penguins, panda bears and rhinos until she is 5 feet tall… I will love those car convos and work hard to keep the communication open and random…


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