Unpacking Anger

Triggers… it’s been a while for a hard BAM for me. Maybe the BAM’s just don’t feel as hard… I don’t know. I love reading The Parker’s Blog… we have such different journey’s and stories… but our loss is the same. It is like seeing my journey from another person with a different story and a different way to travel- but the faith that I have.


I have moved a lot in my life.  A lot.  In the almost eleven years I have been married I have lived in sixteen different houses.  I have perfected the art of packing and unpacking our things.  Back in December when our family was getting ready to move from our home in Sandy Hook to our new home in Washington, I had decided that I just wasn’t up for the job of packing up this time.  After losing Emilie I knew boxing up our home meant saying goodbye to more than our house… it meant saying goodbye to a piece of her and I just wasn’t strong enough.  With our mediocre negotiating skills, we were able to get Robbie’s new job to do the moving for us.

This last week, standing in our new home in Washington, I looked at all the boxes filling up every corner of the house…

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