My girls… in action

Let’s see… there are few things in life I like more than watching my girls in action.  I love to see Lucy run in her YMCA little sports class.  She runs with such energy and force… there is a seriousness in it.  Her hands are in these little fists and they push her along.  I love watching her learn the sports and do some well and others she is stinky :).  I love it.  I love when Amelia performs or sings.  I love seeing her big smile when she’s done or her giggle if she messes up or sees me very happy.

Yesterday we were working on her spelling for a spelling bee at school.  Amelia doesn’t love spelling, it takes her a lot of time to say it, spell it, say it and write it, write it.  We try to spread spelling out over the weekend so she doesn’t treat it like such a chore.  There is a spelling bee coming up though so we have been working on spelling and the rules of the bee.  She didn’t want to do spelling bee, but thankfully cousin Tara was here, and recommended Amelia be the boss and we would be the students (why didn’t I think of that sooner????) and she proceeded to say the words and use it in sentences.  She quizzed us and got all ‘teacher’ … and she was learning the words in a different way.  It was fun.  What I loved most though was seeing her in action.  Her personality and mannerisms were my favorite.  She would end every set, when Tara and I were done spelling the word, with “Complete” and a big smile.  She acted so mature and trying to be mature… it was so cute.  I loved it.

I have loved seeing her become a great reader… her confidence and ability to not only read but focus has grown so much lately.  I am very proud and impressed by her reading skills.  I love when she sits and reads to me or just sits with Lucy and reads to her.  She’ll read a line to Lucy and then have her read it back- and let me know that Lucy is reading now.  What a great feeling to hear your girls reading together.  We have worked very hard this year and last to get to a good reader status.  I am so proud of her and glad for this confidence.

Sometimes, when everything seems hard or bad… I look around and see the crazy girls Matt and I made dressed up playing house…. I listen and I hear them reading or singing or talking… I smell them spraying each others hair with conditioner and brushing it.  In all of that hard and bad and confusing it isn’t all bad.  Most of my words and thoughts lately, especially on here, are directed at the hard.  There is wonderful running around my hard and bad- thankfully.  I don’t always see it or recognize it or take the energy to enjoy it, but it is there…


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