1/2 Marathon weekend here we come…

This weekend is the 1/2 Marathon I signed up for a while ago.  I have been training and working for months, but am not where I feel comfortable with the distance.  I remember a time that 13 miles wasn’t SOOOOO far for me.  I hope this weekend to finish and feel good.  I want to make myself proud… I want to cross that finish line and celebrate with my friends.  I am excited and nervous.  It is sometimes strange to mix those.

I feel like I am being hard on myself being scared to run it.  I feel like I can’t fail, that it would be too much for right now.  I feel unprepared… undertrained and unprepared.  This week of extra stress and hard junk has caused my brain a lot of ups and downs.  My body has been punished- although it is smaller and skinnier.  It is never a good idea to lose a lot of pounds the week of a race or be dehydrated.  I think I can do it.  I need to do it.  I need to prove to my brain that it can just do it.

What will I think about for 2.5 hours or maybe more?  I am going to work out a plan for that and get music stuff lined up (I hope).  I broke my phone last week and it isn’t the one I would normally use that I am running with.  God help me!!!  I hope that I can write some next week on what my brain trekked through and what the weekend was like.  I am looking forward to Sunday afternoon and whatever that brings.

Send me mojo, love and energy.  I need it.  Comments and positive thoughts to get through this.  Thank you all for all the different boosts and supports… keep it up.


2 thoughts on “1/2 Marathon weekend here we come…

  1. So proud of you for doing this! I can’t even think about running down my street without getting tired! You got this! I was gonna say we would celebrate with ice cream when I get there Monday, but that is kinda counterproductive….heehee!…..lot of love and luck coming your way dear sister-in-law! Can’t wait to spoil our kiddos together next week!


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