Good Day. Good thing.

Today was a good day.

I like when I can start a post like that.  Today was a good day.  I had my doubts… but the day proved my doubts wrong.  Matt dropped the girls off and Lucy was rather ornery, which usually leads to a bad day.  Judging by my wicked headache and crazy crusty allergy eyes- I think her cranky was due to the pollen.  Whatever it was, she got kinder and more chipper as the morning went on.  We curled up and watched Kelly and Michael, then headed to the YMCA for a mini-workout and some daycare.  I felt better after 20 minutes on the elliptical.  The sun was out and it felt great when we left the Y, so we headed to Subway and up to Maddie’s Spot for our first picnic of this year.  gkb69iklhgfugjhlmm2014-04-17_12.47.29

It was chilly but we snuggled up and enjoyed lunch and wind chimes and birds.  I felt the sun at Maddie’s Spot and the quiet peace that is up there.  It felt really good.  I have missed that.  I feel like it has been ages since we have sat up there and just been there.  We bundled up and headed out for a ‘hike’ around the cemetery and Lucy collected rocks and found bugs… we read old stones, talked about my runs through the cemetery and complained about walking up hills.  It was sunny and cool and just really nice out.  When we headed out Lucy emptied her pockets into my seat and we brought home a bunch of Prospect Hill to paint and decorate.

2014-04-17_13.14.13 Then coming home to clean up and decorate for Easter… the girls played for a long time in their room and I got some things done.  It was really good.  Grocery shopping and actually making dinner… it was a good day.  I am glad we had a good day.

After a week plus of people in and out… appointments and conversations… thinking and travelling… we had a normal-ish Musto kind of day.  It felt good to be in Maddie’s Spot with my girls… I even kind of looked forward to what it will all look like in the future.  I got to walkin’ and thinkin’ that it will be ok and good… and make sense to us soon.  I was feeling easy in this life, maybe that it is a bit of normal.  Maybe I will wake up soon and feel like I am in the spot I am supposed to be, the normal of that moment.

❤ love you darling… keep me chuggin’, keep me up and alive.




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