Call the Midwife… (not the way you think.)

This weekend was a dark and chilly one… laced with good things.  A Friday night out with a friend, a quietish Saturday, an event Saturday night and a visit from some special itty bitty Miracles.  The last time I saw those little twins they were 1/2 the size they were this weekend.  They are already rearing in on the 10 pound mark… time flies and babies change… tis life.  I sent the girls off on a hike with Matthew and then Jenn and Cortney and the twins headed back to Oswego.  I sat and read and listened to music for a long time.  I thought maybe I would head out for dinner or something, but no one is really free since it is Sunday- Family day.  I sat down to watch TV and flip through the internet… read and make myself stay in the quiet and alone.

I sat down and turned on the TV… Long story, short :)… and PBS had ‘Call the Midwife’ on.  I was surprised it was on so early, and kept it on.  I like this show.  It is British and takes place in older more simple times… and it deals with childbirth, something that intrigues me.  Once again I got a little reminder that there are signs and moments always to remind me… This particular episode the nurse was called away very immediately from a birth to see to her boyfriend.  He had quickly taken a turn for the worse and by the time she got there had passed away.  She was angry and stressed when she talked to the Nun about returning to work.  Jenny (nurse) was mad and clear that she didn’t understand how God fit into any of this.  The Nun said to her:

“God isn’t in the event, Jenny.  He is in the response to the event.  In the love that is shown and the care that is given.”

It is so true.  Exactly my thought.  God is here, we are people.  People have choices, bodies break down, people get hurt… accidents happen… those are all parts of life and death.  God is here for the before, during and after.  He is in the support, in the peace, in the moments, in the blessings, in the bold changes, in the legacy and in it all…

So in a cold and dreary weekend filled with bits of good… there was something a little more bold and profound.  There were miracles and smiles from those babies… and moments to remind me… all and all if I make it to tomorrow morning with out being lonely tonight then it will be a pretty much great weekend.  ❤


One thought on “Call the Midwife… (not the way you think.)

  1. This is a beautiful blog and I thank you for sharing it. You and I are going through similar circumstances (divorce) but the comment, “God isn’t in the event, Jenny. He is in the response to the event. In the love that is shown and the care that is given.” is exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you for sharing and may God always bless your generous soul.


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