Honored and honored…

What does it mean to receive the honor of Capital District YMCA President’s Award?

Honestly, it means we are a part of something bigger.  We are a big part of our YMCA.  We are a part of something that brings families closer, builds community and supports members and beyond.  Our Y is a huge part of our life.  We aren’t just worker outers… but our Y fills so many needs in our family.  At a time when I had no one to babysit my girls- the Y childcare took amazing care of our girls.  The gift being a bit of peace and quiet, and the ability to get healthier and stronger.  Through the years our Y has given us a place to bring our children to build their confidence in gymnastics, little sports and swimming.  They learned skills beyond those taught… skills like friendship, confidence and community.  Our girls have spent their preschool years in the YMCA programs.  We have become a part of the family there.  They have learned and grown… loved and bonded with kids and their teachers.  We have been so blessed in that program of preschool… next year will feel so different.  Not only has the Y helped us take care of our girls, but it has helped each of us, separately, take care of ourselves.  Matt ran and placed in the Brenda Deer 5K Race.  I, myself, took up running because it was a challenge to try to run a 5k.  I have since run a couple 1/2 marathons, 18.12 race and a marathon.  I have loved tackling and building myself up in every Boot Camp session that I finished.  I have created and enjoyed so many friendships and acquaintances at our Y.  Those amazing people carried our family when our Madeline passed away.

ymca 3

Our Y has helped our family survive.  More than most can imagine.  It has been a safe place, a retreat and a community that carries.  We were blessed to be honored with the 2014 Presidents Award.

They thank us.  They tell us we have helped so much.  What those amazing people don’t understand is that we are so thankful and blessed because of them.  We get to go to our safe place, our retreat, our community and see lovely and simple kids running around on a playground dedicated and created to honor our Madeline’s legacy.  We get to sit on a bench in a perfect little garden that was made by our herd and filled with painted rocks from her friends and ‘be with her’… We get to sit on a rock, under a soon-to-be shady tree that we were able to put in for another YMCA angel and reflect.  We are blessed.  We are thankful.  We are the ones who are honored.  What an awesome and generous way to thank us.

ymca 4

This award, is not only a beautiful and earthy trophy, but a sincere and special gift to our family.  It is proudly displayed and proudly shared.  The award ceremony night- the whole thing, the whole process will stay in my brain and memory and remind me of my lovely and her ‘mark’.  Amelia and Lucy shined that night.  They were in their glory.  I loved it.  They had their grandparents, both sets, their parents, even in the junk and their Y there.  They walked on that stage with a purpose and a bold confidence.  It was awesome and amazing.  They love their Y family.  They love ‘Maddie’s Place’.  They love the community, our ‘herd’ and their carriers.  They loved this award.

ymca 2

We are soooooo unbelievably thankful.  We are so blessed.  We are always carried.  God is good to us.  Life is hard, stuff can suck.  Situations can bring amazing or bad… but I tell you, life is freaking good.  In all of this crazy, in all of this hard… we are blessed.  Thank you to our YMCA family.

❤ The Mustos

2014 Capital District YMCA President’s Award Honorees.


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