Why I love being a mom…

A few, jeez maybe several, weeks back I was talking to a friend about being a mom.  She is recently married and doesn’t know if they will have children.  Talking to her about the whys and why not’s of having children made me think.  She had some valid points about parenting and sometimes I have some valid worries about parents and their parenting and kids and their morals… She told me her therapist told her that being a mom (basically this is the breakdown of the conversation) gave you the chance to build someone well or damage them completely.

It hit me.  I don’t often wander around thinking I will break my girls, really damage them or make decisions that ruin their forever.  I wondered if I am weird for not thinking that often.  I wondered if, in not thinking that I was damaging them.  Am I overly confident in my parenting?  Will I ruin them, when I think I am building them?  Will Amelia grow up to think I am disconnected because I watched Ellen while they were on the swingset???

After weeks of thinking and working on this post in my brain… today it is coming out, on Mother’s Day.  I think I will build my kids, sometimes I will fail, but mostly I will live and teach and smile and yell and share and play and let them play… I will watch and laugh and tell them to be kind and bold… I think they will be just fine.  They were made for me and I for them.  They were made to teach me things… to show me patience and love and what my stubbornness looks like… they were made to defy me and learn, to be independent and return… they were made to mimic me and learn from my relationships.  I need to guide them and show them… and sometimes just let them go.  I believe I will help the world not damage my girls… to help keep their spirit and faith fresh and alive.  I hope…

I want to reflect on some of “Why I love being a mom…”

  1. Those chicks are a grand gift from God and I am a gift to them…
  2. I am amazed, often, that I have been entrusted to be the biggest influencing human being in their life… probably until they are grown.
  3. Those girls and the jobs entailed make my uniform the best.uniform.ever… yoga pants and flip flops…
  4. It feels so cool to see ‘my eye’s’ see something for the first time, again.  I remember the awe of seeing new things when I was young… to see it through my eyes again is amazing.
  5. Being a mom helps me be better, so I can show them and help them be better.
  6. To get to be ‘the boss’… although most days I feel like I have lost every battle, been told ‘No’ (or some version of it) at least one hundred times… I still get to consider myself ‘The Boss’.
  7. To get to share my stories and experiences… my first crush, my slumber party antics and what we did when I was in school (… and be asked many times what the 1800’s were like…)
  8. I love seeing bits of me that I hate in myself- in my daughter’s.  Things about Matt that drive me nuts… its an opportunity, to learn to love and accept that trait or mannerism, or to help mold it to something kinder, better and more for them.
  9. Those girls encourage me to take care of me.  They keep me active and young and moving… living and breathing…
  10. They are the the.best.activity.partners.  Adventures and work outs are so much better with them… they spot bugs and rocks and animals on hikes- and do jumpin’ jacks and push ups in a way that I laugh a separate ab workout…
  11. Smiles.  Laughs.  Jokes.  Riddles.  Silly.  ‘nuf said.
  12. They are supreme comforts in the hard.  They are the only ones that can really lift me and see me when it is hard and heavy… they are amazing.  They are such compassionate and intuitive girls… they keep me present and living, breathing, grieving, walking and laughing
  13. They are the best things to miss… God has been good in our lives… he gifted us three amazing daughters.  Those girls are my ‘Home’.  When the world is flipping and flopping and there is no place that feels ok, safe and like ‘home’… they are my ‘Home’ always.  They will always be my ‘Home’…
  14. I get to play on playgrounds and nature trails and go to the YMCA as part of my job description… I know, I know- it rocks.
  15. Best.Distractions.Ever.  When they were little I could always excuse myself from loud or crazy and go nurse the littlest… sneak a nap or just some quiet.  Now-a-days they always keep my hands busy, when I am nervous or uncomfortable they are my distraction to find normal in the space.
  16. They hide imperfections.  Go ahead compare- have someone take a picture of you with no kids and just you… then one with your kids when you are down with them… you will look better :).  You will look skinnier and you will probably complain less about your fat arms, double chin, etc… the proof is, of course, in the pudding.
  17. Best.Backup.Singers/Dancers.Ever.
  18. I get to, basically, go back to school trying to teach my kids the common core and not look dumb.  Honestly, it is a challenge and I was a Math/Science Major!!!  It’s like I get to go back to college for… free and with out finding daycare or worrying about my grades :).
  19. They fill my bucket.
  20. They are the best physical thing that will ever come from me.  They were made for ‘big things’… I could die today, my body could break down and help a super important tree grow, or my organs could be donated to 7 people… and it still wouldn’t have the same impact.  They are part of my soul… they will carry part of me forever.  They are a part of my physical self… they will carry me forever.  They will do ‘big things’ and I was entrusted to be their mom…
  21. Seriously, how could you not love my girls…
  22. There are no two people that I want to run away from more.  It must mean something, right?
  23. They don’t scare me.  I am certain of almost all the things we have been handed and when I don’t feel that I know the right way or answer I know God will get us there… their futures don’t scare me, their bodies don’t scare me… I think I was made to take care of them and handle all the things that come with them- all of those things.
  24. I get to travel to new places with my girls… experience things I never have.  Rockettes,  Plays,  trips to Europe, Adventures, California, horse back riding, roller coasters… who knows… but I have these girls to bring along and be excited with, nervous and then rejoice with…
  25. They build me, I hope to build them.

I know there are a million other reasons I love being a mom.  I really do.  I think it is the job I was created for and will love until I am gone and get to see my daughter.  I love the challenge of everyday in this job.  I love the adventures.  I am so tired often, but this job is 24/7…

So I hope this gets you all thinking about why you love being a mom, if you are, or what you look forward to being one someday… I just know this is my list.  I know this is my life.  I know only how much I love my girls… I know in my heart I will damage them some, teach them so much and travel with them for the rest…


❤ you Madeline.  You made me a mom.  Best.job.ever… miss you always.


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