“You olwez look aftr me”…

Driving up north on Friday, for our little Musto Chick adventure, Amelia handed me a sheet she had drawn.  I had just called my mom to let her know we would be out of town and Happy Mother’s Day… and Amelia kept saying “mom read this”.  I told her “hold on I need to let Grandma know and you need to be polite”.  After a few minutes of heavy rush hour traffic, I had kind of forgotten about what Amelia was sharing with me.  She had crashed and fallen asleep in her seat and the car was quiet.  I looked down at the paper when traffic was lighter and I felt a little less stressed… and felt a big swell of love.  I read this and thought… damn she does understand and know what I am trying to do.  I felt really comforted and confident that our adventure was exactly what we were supposed to be doing… I felt that she sees, knows and appreciates me.  It wasn’t even Mother’s Day and I felt really blessed to ready these words.  I definitely felt bad that I didn’t look at it at her moment… but think I was supposed to see it and read it when I could really see it.  I love those girls… those crazy and naughty and silly and bold and unique ladies.  Enjoy…

you always take care of me


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