back in the saddle— or rather back on the gravel.


I got a nice sunny run in.  No calculation of distance, but I did stop to see Madeline’s Tree at her Elementary school.  I got some sun, some tired and some miles in.  Thank you Jesus.

I was running and thinking ‘wow I miss this.  I miss the freedom and the tired.  I miss the energy and mental cleaning that comes with a good run’.  I miss the breathing and getting a bit farther than I thought.  I love bringing Madeline into a run.  I love running at her spot- her hilly and lovely spot.  I love stopping to see her playground at her school and seeing people on her playground at the YMCA.  What a gift…

I kept thinking ‘Erin, you are back in the saddle…’ and then I would correct myself and know there was no saddle, just sneakers.  I would know that there was no trail, only roads.  So I wasn’t back in the saddle- instead  it was back in the sneakers.  I was back to running.  I will stay that way.  I missed it.  Running is the epitome of doing something and moving somewhere… not going nowhere fast!!!

As I was running, I felt skinny.  It was a good feeling, slightly empowering.  I love running and feeling that.  When I run  and feel really good I feel strong and skinny and long and tall.  I love it.  Maybe that is why I love to run… who knows.  Today was boot camp and we did a bunch of elongating exercises that made me feel strong and long.  I love that.  I know that I am strong and long and tall and me.  I will be ok.  I will run, breathe, soak in the sun, apply aloe, sing, walk, garden, share and live… all those important things.  I will believe and know that it’s out of my hands… give it up to the BIG GUY, He has always backed me and supported me.  He loves to see me run, stand, walk, breathe, get by, overcome, move, shine and live…


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