research… pinterest style.

I feel like it has been a bit since I wrote, but it hasn’t been that long.  Who knows, time is crazy these days.  I have been working so hard in my yard and getting it all the way I love it.  You know me, always trying to create ‘home’ to pretty much no avail.  I feel pretty good about it this time.  I have weeks of laundry to catch up on, but the end is in sight.  It felt good to be home and be yard busy and be focused.  I will be honest, having a lot of hard work makes getting rid of angry really easy.  There is a lot of angry in my mulch, and it looks damn good if I say so myself.  Angry looks a lot better in my garden, yard, gutters, patio and grass than it does inside of me.  Thank GOD, for hard work.  I am pretty darn proud of me, not to pat myself on the back or anything.  I did it all myself (and my a couple friend’s lent love and hands too)… but mostly I did it all myself.  I cleaned the gutters of all the foul nasty stuff that is in gutters (seriously…) and I mulched a million (at least) cubic yards of planting beds… well maybe not a million but hey who’s counting.  Then I got to sit in my lovely and perfect hammock and listen to the girls run around and play… best.moment.for.days.

Tonight I am sitting trying to organize my brain’s thoughts and goals.  I talked to a neighbor/friend who is going to help me with my blog and help me share my work more.  So send some positive love and prayers my way that God has some goals for my writing and my direction and who knows my message.  I feel that He does.  I hope… I love to write.  What a blessing and privilege it could be to get to do it more.  I got onto Pinterest and started some ‘research’ for some of my brain’s thoughts.  I have some words kickin’ around in there and this thought that I am supposed to write about them.  I just haven’t found the direction or found my BIG moment of clear.  I was just enjoying the quotes of Pinterest… the meanings and different peoples takes on them.  I wanted to share one, one of my favorites.  I love Anne Lamott… she has it.  She has the faith, the words, the strength and I LOVE HER PERSPECTIVE.  She isn’t a writer of perfect, but rather real.  She is funny and candid… bold and real.  Her journey is full of bad stuff… but in all of it there is lots of good.  Her ‘Mercies’… ( her life bits that show her God is there, her faith is built on those.  Words in her book, that I read after I had written things, sound so similar to my words.  I was supposed to see and know her work and life.  Anyway… today I stumbled on this gem and had to share….

anne lamott


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