… even the cockroaches are getting divorced!?!?!?!?!


So, Lucy’s 5th birthday was a few weeks ago and I was faced with trying to find a good and cool gift that wasn’t expensive and hopefully wasn’t a toy that needed a new home and didn’t get played with.  I remembered a friend I met at the 1/2 Marathon I ran, who is a bio teacher, offering some hissing cockroaches… and thought- Lucy would love those.  I messaged her and she had them sent to us.  When the box arrived Lucy was ecstatic and was nearly jumping waiting to open it- telling me “I get my very own pet!!!!  I get hizzing cockwoaches.  I get my very own pet!!!”.  She welcomed them with boldness and love.  We set up their habitat and then took them out of their container.  She watched them for a few minutes and named them Jake and Gabriella- a married couple.

The days following she was a great pet owner (still is actually).  She helped remember water and put a piece of fruit in the morning.  She helped them and stared at them.  The girls were enthralled with the way they feel (smooth) and the sticky bottoms on their legs to climb any.thing.they.can.  I have been happy because they are literally the easiest pets to maintain.  That is until…

We found out yesterday that Lucy was right.  I knew when I opened the box that really there was only a Jake and Jake or Gabriella and Gabriella… the box said they had been sexed before sent.  Lucy insisted though, saying things like “Mom, Gabriella is the mom she likes to sleep in and take naps…”  (honestly I don’t know where she gets that idea of a mom)… Anyway back to the important facts… yesterday we went to Jake and Gabriella out of the cage and the mulch was moving.  I realized the mulch was full of antennae… little itty bitty cockroach antennae.  I thought to myself- Lucy was totally right, followed by ‘what the heck am I going to do?’.  The girls and I had a meeting to go to for Myle’s of Smyles playground, so I covered the cage with foil (with holes in it, of course) and reminded myself I would take care of it when we god home.  The whole ride I was slightly terrified that we would come home to a house over taken by baby cockroaches (nymphs…).  I jetted home from the meeting with a plan, to ‘send the babies back to the bio labs’ and separate Jake and Gabriella.


I gave the nymphs the kindest home I could, I made a new home for Gabriella (Tupperware with holes) and put Jake back in the house.  The two of them were very hissy last night… apparently birthing about 150 babies makes one cranky, whodathunkit ;)???  I realized that Jake and Gabriella got separated last night… not so voluntarily but the future is definitely not together.  I thought it was ironic that the married couple Lucy created these silly stories for- ended up divorced (or I guess involuntarily separated for the good of mankind and Rotterdam).  I was kind of sad for them… and the girls- to know that their little critter married family ended up like ours (kind of…).  I am going to take solace in knowing that Lucy still loves Gabriella and Jake, and is darn glad they haven’t been so freakin’ hissy today…



One thought on “… even the cockroaches are getting divorced!?!?!?!?!

  1. I about peed myself laughing reading this post!!!! This is one for the memory book! Glad you are getting the situation contained….no slumber parties for me at your house if I think I may be attacked by 150 cockroaches at night!!:)…..red ants were enough!!!!


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