Run Like a Girl…

I came home from a great ‘Girl Run’ this morning, popped on Facebook and saw this.  I love it.  I remember that time, being told what I was- at a time that I wasn’t even sure who or what I was, I was so scared to look funny doing things, I was terrified to stand out… and being told I do things ‘like a girl’, or it is ok to not participate because I was a girl.  When I was younger I didn’t care… I ran with my boy cousins, I played kickball after crafting all morning at Rec, I played and stood out and spoke up and didn’t really care…or maybe I just didn’t know to care.

I don’t know at what point I began to care.  I don’t know what made me think I was funny looking doing things, that I ran funny, that I cared what people saw or thought… that I chose to become quieter and less bold to not stand out.  I don’t know when I started to not appreciate myself and feel like I should be smaller.  I do know it came partly from listening to a world tell me I was ‘like a girl’… I was not the best at sports… I didn’t like running because I was slower than the athletes.  I excelled in things that were inside of me instead and had a terrible and huge fear of public speaking (lack of experience and confidence).  I was so scared to have people hear what I had to say… seriously when.did.that.happen.  What made me think my voice should be quiet… or I didn’t have to try things because ‘I might be bad at them’.  I wish people, just as this video covers, would stop labeling the gender differences.  Honestly, what does it matter if you run any particular way.  The fastest runners I see now, my friends that polish off a 5k in like 18 minutes (and are girls) run funny… or is it just efficient.  They run on their toes and use their arms to push and drive.  They have power and strength that they have worked hard to build for speed.  What if someone told them they looked funny… what if they quit because they were scared they looked funny.  I am inspired by those woman.  It blows my freakin’ mind that there are people that fast and FASTER!!!  It blows my mind to work out with women that play soccer and have mad crazy coordination skills… and it impresses me so much that I know an IronWoman.  She actually biked over a 100 miles, swam like 8 and ran a marathon just to finish.  BAM.  Wow.  I wish I had listened back then to the solid and positive people, and the encouragers.  I wish I had tried more back then, but alas I am here, right in the very spot I should be.  I see this video and I love the message and hope my girls run like themselves.  Lucy with her power and focus, Amelia with her high heels…

I am now in a place in life that I love to share, speak, be bold, be loud and stand out.  I love to try things I might fail at, I think it is a need.  I love to be scared to death to stand up to speak and share… my heart beating like crazy, and then do it.  I love to get nervous about stepping out of the box and knowing I can.  I eat mushrooms and olives now, just because they are good for you and I don’t want to be wasteful or make a mess at a fancy dinner.  I love to travel and force myself to follow my map and get lost… then find something neat.  I love to run.  What if I was scared 5 years ago this week when Lucy was FINALLY 6 weeks old and I could work out… I signed up for a couch to 5k class.  I was scared and it was HARD.  I finished and felt a challenge to love to run.  I felt this inside voice saying “you can run a mile!  You can run a 5k! What about 26.2???”  I am so glad I didn’t quit and give up because many are faster than me, more efficient or look better in their fancy running gear and I wear cotton… I am so glad.  Running ‘like a girl’ has saved me.  I run like me… I put a mental push in it and finish, it is my medicine, my social hour, my brain clean… my favorite way to see the world.  A long run becomes an adventure with weird roads and challenges to see how far I can push me.  I could never have done these things back then, back when I let the world make me think I was funny looking, slow or ‘like a girl’.  I am a girl… I can dissect a rat or mouse like no one you have ever known, I can take care of emergencies and blood and be calm, I can hike to a pond and catch frogs… I like bugs and earthworms… love playing in the dirt… I also can multitask, create a meal for my girls with barely any ingredients, love ‘love actually’, I LOVE GETTING FANCY…  I love to craft and sew…

I cross a lot of gender boundaries.  I am sure we all do.  Who cares… do it because you love it and you feel it and you are you- not because you are a girl or a boy.  Imagine all we miss when we say no or let people define for us… I am glad for what I am and where I am right here and now.  I am glad I am bold and more confident.  I hope my girls never listen or let those things steal confidence or experiences.  I guess it is in my court and yours to build and help support those things.  It is in our court to raise confident, bold, compassionate, independent children who know who they are, what they love and own it…



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