10 bits of a great day…

I was pondering titles and thinking of ways to share these pics and our day- and they sounded a lil’ cocky… like “I bet your hometown don’t look like mine” and “10 reasons my hometown is betta’ than yours”… but I thought those were unkind.  You know me… I don’t want to rub in that I am from paradise :).

So I guess I settled and went softer.  I will say there was one more bit that was awesome but there is no picture, a great run to my old high school and the easiest mile I have ever.in.my.life.run on that track.  Mind you I had a great running partner and awesome conversation about life and our girls… take that General Brown it has only been 14 yearsish but I got a good mile on the track with no walking or getting yelled at by Coach Fisher.  Onto the rest of the bits…


10.  Fishing, if only for 5 minutes (they have the attention span of flies… or maybe mice at this point)… Lucy had more fun seeing the fish on the depth tracking thingie.  We caught a whole lotta nothing… but I enjoyed seeing them test Uncle Damon’s patience… real world training for the new Kirkby baby who cooking.

59.  Just going through ‘The Narrows’ and a family of geese are travelling in front.  I know exactly what Lucy is thinking… ‘can I catch one???’

108.  Love me a Meme in a hat.  She was wearing Ethan’s hat so he could jump off the docks and get cooled down.  He almost got thrown in by Uncle Damon, but we thought he should empty his pockets and be prepared to be thrown into 20 feet of cold river :)… and there were some VERY interesting strange touchy feely people on the end by the ladder… the kind that you just wonder why they think it is ok to act that way on a public dock… darn young people- hooligans 🙂 (oh crap I am old…)

97.  I love collecting rocks… every time I go to the river, the lake, the ocean… pretty much any beach I collect things from it.  These were all so bright orange in the water, they are for Laurel.  I told her she needs to come visit home and see bits of Myles up here… so this is a bit of Myles in the cold and clear St. Lawrence River.  36.  This is a bit of my crazy family… random nights.  We spent the night before with all of the cousins at my brother’s swimming, eating and laughing while watching corny you tube videos (OMG I found my ‘mom idol’ in the always commercial for the first moon party… check.it.out).  This family bit of a great day, happened in Clayton.  After a day on the boat we met for dinner at a new Brick Oven Pizza and a walk around Clayton.  My family is funny.  We can pick on each other for being clutzes, follow Cortney around and tell her is waddling, listen to Hayle say random things… watch the girls love up on Ethan… and of course interrupt, yell a lot and stand in people’s way… but it was fun :).25.  I love New York.  I love New York.  It is full of high taxes… but it is home, it is full of seasons, it is beautiful, it is full of awesome family, friends and amazing best.people.ever.  74.  This is my little sister… so different than me and so similar.  She is adorable and carrying my next niece or nephew…. she and Damon have known the babies gender and name for over a month and still keep it a secret- until they send balloon’s up to Madeline to tell the world what it will be.  She is darn cute and funny, even though she waddles :).  63.  Sunsets are the.very.best on our side of the lake and river.  Last nights sunset was amazing… orange and   pink and purple and lasted a long time.  Beat that you pompous windbag (that’s from Cinderella… I promise I am not calling you all wind bags, it is just what my mind thinks when I say “beat that”).  Actually that saying that right now brought me back to my grandmother’s living room with all those velvety couches watching Disney movies on the big boxy TV… Sword in the Stone, Cinderella, The Fox and the Hound… good memories.82.  Lucy’isms… That kid is funny.  Sitting on the boat staring at her hands for a while she says “You know if we had one more finger on each hand we would have… 12 fingers”.  Random.  Funny.  Smart.  Pecular.  A few weeks ago Lucy picked her nose and Amelia freaked out- “Lucy that is so gross, your going to touch the snack and you just picked your nose”… Lucy- “Meme I will not touch the food, I pick my nose with my other hand”. I love her.   (for the record I love her equally to the other Musto Chicks… in case Amelia grows up to read this…)

Wandering around with my family- my dad says 6 fingers would make you miss the middle one when you grow up… there are times that the middle finger can say a lot… so we came up with a new one, a two finger ‘say alot’ gesture to compensate for the extra finger and lack of a true middle finger.  So next time you are mad and want to think about what it would be like to have an extra finger on each hand… ring finger + middle finger = the six finger “say a lot” gesture…


1.  There is a lot missing in this picture, but this is our now.  This is my current normal, my little family.  I would not change them for anything (even if I want to drop Amelia off on the side of a road when she is throwing a temper tantrum in the back seat)… these are my everything, everything that I have to care for now.  Madeline is good… she is beyond my responsibility, it is her legacy I am responsible for.  Amelia and Lucy need me… and I need them.  1


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