sometimes… all you can do is move a mountain, or better yet build a pool.

So… last week the world lost an amazing young boy… he was bright, happy and very smart… he was Elijah.  The first pictures I saw of him I saw a big smile and dredlocks… I saw happy and alive.  I didn’t see anything then that would show he was sick.  The truth, though, that he was sick was reality.  He endured treatments, got sick, got better… fought hard.  He always kept his big spirit and energy though.  Most of my connection and knowledge of Elijah and his spirit was from Laurel (… and I loved seeing her see Myles and his energy in Elijah.  I loved seeing her and her son take care of him and his family.

Fast Forward to these past few weeks… we had been sitting on a ‘best day ever’ with no real idea or perfect thing for the family.  Elijah got more sick and we thought an at-home, yard makeover or pool would be a great asset and ‘best day ever’ for all.  So we got chuggin’…

As  per normal, life and God didn’t follow our plan.  I guess the best way to say it though, is that they didn’t follow the plan- the way we thought it up.  Elijah passed away last week.  We did not get there in time to let him swim or sit with his family at the patio table.  I was sad about this… but I just have to know that God has something else planned.  We proceeded with the ‘best day ever’ and set it up tonight.  There were lots of crazy hurdles and it was 90 freakin’ degrees… but it didn’t rain.  I asked many times today for it just not to rain… for God to let us do this for them…  It didn’t rain or storm or blow.  We were also blessed with lots of extra water bottles… so we were all good.  I may have shed 10 pounds in water weight, but we all survived and worked and sweat.  We did it.  I honestly feel that Elijah helped this come together as a gift to his family… that he wanted them to have this little symbol and a bit of being carried…

What an amazing chunk of people, but also pile of completed work.  We were able to plant a garden, plant a veggie garden, build a pool (and level…), set up a firepit area, a gazebo and patio table for the family to eat and create a memorial garden.  My dad made the coolest and most perfect statue of Elijah sitting on a rock doing his favorite thing- reading a book.  It was so simple and sentimental and real.  I loved it.  I am so proud of the yard… I am so proud of my team, my amazing best.people.ever… just everything.  I loved seeing Lucy and Amelia set up their ‘job’ of manning the birdhouse/rock painting station.  I loved seeing Lucy collect worms (big and snakey ones…) and create a pocket in the bottom of her shirt to carry them around and bring them to the veggie garden.  I love that kid.  (again, I love them all equally…)

We came home so dirty.  I am so tired.  I am hot and have showered two times… but I feel good.  I feel a solid bit of good inside of me.  I love when you can see how impactful a mountain moved is.  I know, very directly, how those actions change and build your safe and carried place.  I am still grateful for the friend of mine that redid our yard and did bathrooms over in my house… or paid for things and moved mountains for Madeline’s last days or services.  I don’t even know who did a lot of it… but they don’t care.  They are, most likely, real, true, best.people.ever.

Thank you everyone.  Thank you for prayers.  Thank you for respect and hope and love.  Thank you for support and knowing what these ‘best days ever’ mean… thank you for taking care of my family in every single way that you have.

Thank you God for today.  Thank you for holding off the rain, thank you for taking care of Madeline, Elijah, Myles, Onja, Devon… and many more that I think of everyday.  Thank you for it all.  I know You are with me in the good stuff, the bad stuff, the hard stuff, the simple…

Please enjoy a few moments from today… share and send love.





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