Whatever is lovely…


A couple of weeks ago I got to meet a mom that lost her son about 6 years ago…. we were connected on this journey by her sister, my friend.  As per normal though, we were supposed to meet.  God has a funny way of doing that, putting you right in the place you should be, meeting just the right people you should meet and experiencing the things we should experience.  Sharon had a really special gift made for me.  This purple wrap bracelet is not only stylish and beautiful and homemade- it is stamped with scripture and is a bit of my ‘armor.’  “Whatever is Lovely.”  I loved it from the moment she gave it to me and wear it all.the.time.  Sharon pulled up the verse and explained the significance of those words…

I use the word ‘lovely’ to describe my girls, always have.  I have always been really glad God gifted me three lovely and crazy Musto Chicks.  I never got a Musto dude… so my gift is in the lovelies.  So Sharon chose a verse from the bible that is so perfect and has lovely in it.

BAM.  Did you know that the bible has the word lovely in it?  I guess I never would have thought it would, but it is comforting and cool to know that the word in the verse is lovely.  Sharon showed me the verse and it is awesome and perfect and profound.  It is life and the best way to live… little instructions in the bible.  Instructions in the bible???  Yes, God had lots of instructions in the bible, lots of knowledge and stories to guide us to happy and content lives… I don’t often think of the bible in that way though.  When I read my devotional, when I remember to, it is like that- a little not of encouragement or guidance for the day ahead.  I need to start a bible study, I feel pulled to it.  I need to stop putting it off.  These little reminders are God’s little pushes.  He sends in awesome and strong people, that carry small gifts to remind me that His instructions and guidance even includes the word ‘lovely.’  So many profound moments in this journey, lessions and experiences that bring me back to knowing it’s okay- lovely even.

 whatever is lovely


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