… and I get by with a little help from my friends


So I am supremely blessed with amazing people.  I feel that it is a gift in this really hard life that God has laid out in front of me… kind of an icing on the cake kinda thing.  This week I have been without my Musto Chicks… as per agreement, Matthew gets a whole week in the summer.  I am trying to follow our agreement and keep my boundaries and make our family look as good as it can right now.  So this week I FILLED UP with people, my favorite energies and my favorite characters.  I got to see old friends, new friends, nights out for wine and nights in with teacher friends.  I got a lot of time with the people who keep me alive and carried… and maybe we could even say sane.  I know honestly though, where I fall on the spectrum of normal or sane is probably questionable ;).

Tonight I got a friendship/wish bracelet from a ‘good one.’  I spent the night on an amazing porch with a fireplace and hilarious and real friends.  This group of women have continually helped to build me and support me.  They are kind and funny and forgive and let me be human… they are so strong and each one has characteristics I admire deeply.  It has been a long time since I got a friendship bracelet that I will always love… and I will be happy when it falls off and my wish is granted.  It is such a symbol.  I treasure these women… and each one hopes the best for me, whatever that looks like.  Each one prays for my happiness.  I love to see them happy.  I love to see them as moms.  I love to see them as themselves.  I love to see them outside their comfort, and feeling so comfortable with one another that we know we are all safe.

God has been kind.  He has placed into my life soooooo many people.  He has given me people who love me for me and I love them each of them for them.  I am 32 years old (I think…) and haven’t had a wish friendship bracelet in a long time (like 20 years!!!)… and tonight I got one, the only rainbow one.  I was reminded that I am dealt the best of the best all.of.the.time… I have hard stuff, but God is providing the scaffolding to build a secure way to climb regularly.  I just need to utilize the ones He sends… for support, reassurance and just happy and distracted.  I believe that my friends are a gift.

I wonder where I will be when my wish/friendship bracelet falls off, and if I will have made my wish by then.  I am sure it will be a simple wish… for a life lived simply happy and full of solid, safe, fun, true and loyal people.  I hope those friends know what they mean to me, to my core self.  I hope they know that they are honestly the reason I get by… ‘I get by with a little help from my friends.’


One thought on “… and I get by with a little help from my friends

  1. Really can’t wait for you to feel good inside. You will. And I know you do sometimes but more of the time is what I wish for you. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for appreciating me and thank you for drawing me into your circle many years ago and making me apart of these caring people. These are the kinds of people everyone needs. Be.there.for.you.buy.u.a.friendship.
    Bracket. Kind of people!! I love you Erin. And I pray for you to feel love around you.


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