Going GOLD…

I woke up yesterday all ready to GO GOLD and work on raising awareness for Childhood Cancer.  I woke up with a purpose and some push.  I opened up Facebook and saw a tribute to Erin Griffin.  I have thought about her many times in this past year… she was a beautiful teenager from Scotland, diagnosed with DIPG.  She chose to use her time left here to travel and tell her story.  She chose to use her time and life to help change others… and change this HUGE and important cause.  What an awesome way to live… what an awesome gift to us, a push for us to keep working.  I watched her Truth365 video last year and throughout this year I could hear her voice.  Her accent, her words, her strength and her plea…

I woke up yesterday to see that she had passed away just a few hours into September 1… the Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  The month that she worked hard to make sure people knew what it meant.  DIPG.  Childhood Cancer.  DIPG claimed another lovely strong girl… another family has to carry on in this life without their lovely.  I know they will keep working at her mission as we parents and families must do.  What a huge loss…

I didn’t know Erin, just felt a connection to her story and her voice and her fight.  I am so impressed with her strength and boldness, her lack of fear travelling the world to change this.  I see Madeline in her… I see Madeline if she were 13 when she was diagnosed with DIPG.

So today is September 2, 2014.  Erin’s family is planning a funeral for their 14 year old daughter.  I have helped many families set up funerals in recent years.  I have formed bonds with some of the most strong and amazing parents and children in this journey.  I have been supported by them, I have supported many of them… that is what we do.  We carry on… we carry.  We move and change and share… we are working to change this.

I am not begging or pleading… only sharing my journey and experience and making you more aware of this.  I often think only three years ago I was blissfully unaware of childhood cancer and all the different kinds, all the treatments… I was blissfully unaware.  I am now aware.  You are too.  Help us Go GOLD.

Wherever you are do something- share, raise awareness, talk, support, attend… If you are local to New York and the Capital Region come help us GO GOLD… and bug Cuomo for us… he needs to Proclaim September Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  BUG HIM :)…

Do it for Madeline, Myles, Erin, Ila Jean, Onja Rose, Tyler, Catie, Ben, Elijah, Talia, Jennifer, Gabriella, Bryce… do it in honor of someone you love… just do it.  Go GOLD.

gold september 13


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