Fun and fall and full…

Today started as a good day, I woke up in a good place and the day continued on like that… even with the headache from too much to drink last night and the fact that I had to find and give Sparky worm medicine.  So if it can top those two things… it was a spectacular day.  The girls had the day off and were dropped off by their dad with their favorite cereal.  They ate and I packed lunch, actually the girls made their own sandwiches… We headed out for a day of adventures with some of our awesome people.fall3

First stop was apple picking with new and old friends.  We met up and headed out.  There were a lot of little ones taking one bite and throwing them or starting a new one, there was some throwing of apples and there was A LOT of eating apples and being funny.  Of course, even though I wasn’t I ate a an apple cider donut.  I need to kick this habit of just eating things because they are ‘in season’ or a ‘treat’… I have too many extra treats I am carrying.  We found a picnic table and parked our crew there.  They made cards for a friend who was having emergency surgery today and ate lunch.  It was sunny and warm and perfect out.  We had our picnic and started to head out our separate ways to tend to napping children or errands… or in our case a playdate at our favorite park with some cool boys.

We met the boys and their momma at the park for a nice easy playdate.  I really enjoy meeting up with this family, the boys are so different and fun.  It is different for me to see the dynamics of a set of three young boys but also to see the difference in parenting in the stage of having three very young children… almost babies.  I remember those days… I miss them in a way, but I recognize how hard they were.  Functioning on no sleep, missing relationships with adults, feeling like I had to do it all to be good at this job, making crazy and forgetful mistakes and being nutty crazy all.the.damn.time.  I was jealous of people who were ‘grown up’ and wore pencil skirts and had jobs… I look back now and know it was freakin’ hard to stay home.  It was hard to find educational and positive activities, groups, constantly making a meal/snack/meal/juice… wiping butts over and over, watching the same show all day.   It was really hard.  I am so glad I had the opportunity to not wear a pencil skirt (though I would have rocked it) and not go to work… but I do wish I had a commute longer than my stairs to the start of my day.  Anyway, I met this momma and her boys, along with another old friends wife who was expecting.  It was great to catch up and to meet a new soon-to-be-momma.  There was very little talk of all the junk that has gone down in recent months.  It is hard in these situations, this momma and her boys were kind of claimed by Matthew and his now girlfriend.  They were the friends in this.  So crossing into these more complex relationships is hard.  I never want to do the wrong thing.  I loved getting to catch up with her.  She is really funny and great to talk to.  I am glad we had a playdate and look forward to another soon…


… And the relay continues.  Home to order pizza and clean up, then off to dinner with some awesome women and their super kids.  It is always a reminder to me when I sit in a room with some of the moms (or dads) that have been through this… that we are taken care of and we are in this together.  We can sit and talk and laugh and cry, but tonight was full of trip planning, life convos and watching the kids run like crazy people.  Tonight I needed a little reminder for my brain that I am right here.  I am taking care of my girls and having great days off from school with them.  I am showing them the world and keeping them around positive people and experiences.  I am pretty proud and content in this.  Enjoying tonight and the strong, real and brave women I am surrounded by reassured me.  So pizza and running around the house like a stomping herd of elephants, being chased by a zombie and watching Hocus Pocus… for my chicks that is a ‘best day ever’.

We are pooped… I am falling asleep typing this.  I think today I just needed a full and positive surrounding day.  I am thankful for the day it was.  It was a fun, full and fall day.


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