Can you believe that this could possibly be the 3rd Annual Maddie’s Mark 5k?  To others that sounds like a normal and a great (I am proud too)… I am just astounded that it could be the 3rd year that Madeline is not here.  How can it be that it has almost been 3 years since she left us.  I wonder if I will be sitting in 20 years thinking, has it really been 23 years since I saw Madeline’s eyes and felt her skin?  I know that time will chug on, it always does.  Time moves on even when life doesn’t.

Madeline’s death is very integrated into my life now and my thoughts.  I don’t often sit and feel sad, I just feel at peace with it.  I don’t often feel the pain I used to feel, or the heavy.  I believe, for me, the foundation and the fact that we bring Madeline along in conversations and life has really helped me heal.  I think it has helped Amelia and Lucy heal as well.  We aren’t ‘all better’ but we need a smaller band aid and less care and maintenance.  We are chuggin’ on and living.  I mean what the heck else are we supposed to do?

Three years.

Today’s 5k will be a really amazing day, I can feel it.  I love, love, love seeing and sharing Madeline.  I love this race… it is a healthy and happy day.  There will be tons of people together enjoying their families, laughing and running (my kind of day).  I am so proud of the work that some awesome people did for today.  There are some very strong and positive people that help move mountain for Madeline and our family still- three years later.  That is a testament to Madeline and why we keep chuggin’.  I am so proud that we have people and families who will get in their car and drive an hour away for a ‘best day ever’ yard redo and work their tails off for that family.  I am so blessed that we have people who will put in months of work and brainstorming and pushing and promoting and preparing for a… that will be so Madeline and ‘best day ever’.  I am so glad that people support and sponsor… three years later and many old and many people understand our story and our mission and help us build it.

Three years later and my lovely is, in a way, still living.  She is still running, still helping, still smiling, still bringing peace and love to her friends and family.  This helps me.  This helps my girls.  I know this helps my family.  Thank you.  Thank you for helping us share, supporting our mission, gifting us time, putting in your energy… thank your for being a mountain mover, member of the ‘herd’ and part of the best.people.ever.

Good luck runner friends.  Don’t forget to double knot, drink water and pee before the race.  You’ll do great- you’ve got an angel on your side.


❤ hope your runnin’ like a cheetah chicky.


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