You Are Loved

Imagine if you wrote these words and understood this at 18… ♡ this… must share.

Thoughts From an Extroverted Introvert

Every once in a while as humans, we slip up. It’s completely natural and normal to mess up from time to time in any aspect of our lives. It shouldn’t be something we feel ashamed of and we shouldn’t make ourselves feel any less than the great worth we deserve. I’ve messed up many times in my life. I’ve had great self-doubts and insecurities with my career, my relationships, and myself as a whole. And as terrible as it can feel to accept when we need help from others to get back on track, it’s worse to go through all of these crazy life feelings alone. People can be wonderful if you allow them to be and that’s all just a matter of your outlook on life and whom you chose to surround yourself with. Don’t be afraid to let the good people in your life into the scary parts of…

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