They just keep growing…


… and the whirlwind is done, back to reality.

I have a 7 year old Musto Chick.  This weekend was one of those fun and filled weekends full of my family, my girls family and friends.  We trick or treated and had a family birthday party… then a fun day of spending gift cards.  Today was Amelia’s day to bring treats to school and celebrate with friends.  Tonight was her special friend party and she was rocking and shining.  She chose two friends to go to The Standard and to Build a Bear.  I was informed that my car was gross and stinky, and that Amelia would not, just could not ride in her car seat (but was ready for her booster).  So… I vacuumed, changed car seats and fabreezed in preparation.  I felt like I was prepping for a date, only my car was to be filled with chattering and silly girls that sounded like teenagers.  We headed off to our date and enjoyed the night Amelia felt very special and I felt freakin’ old.  It was only 6:30 and I felt like it was midnight… no joke I was waiting for my pumpkin.  We did drop off and headed home, there was of course a Musto Chick fight that I told them to sort out and let it go (I did just buy them 50$ worth of Shirley temples and 120$ worth of build a bear animals and extras… but who is counting)… They ended the night reading to each other hoping that the crazy lady didn’t come in and yell.  I would let you all think it was perfect but they you would know I am a fraud… because nothing is ever perfect and smooth.  It’s life- one moment they are rockin’ out to Taylor and let it go… the next someone has a gash across their cheek and they ‘hate their sister’… luckily I have more than one kiddo… so I never get the peace that parents of only children must have :).

Seriously, Erin, back on track.  So… I was driving home thinking how crazy it is that I have a 7 year old.  I became a mom a long time ago… and judging by the conversations, independence and choices tonight I have a real girl (and a Lucy that is her own self… and a girl too).  It is strange to see them grow.  Sometimes…  I think I stopped paying attention to the growing.  I still see them in the school Madeline was in, I still bring them to the YMCA, they still rode in car seats… they NEVER went to the bathroom alone.  Tonight I saw them get bigger.  Honestly, it is so exciting and terrifying.  They move farther from their sister in age and experiences… but closer to what they are made to do.  I love seeing them get taller and bigger, and sometimes I stop and think of how long it has been.  I hear Amelia recount a story or a fact about Madeline… how she loved something or how she did something.  I am reminded then that they don’t move away from her… they carry her and grow alongside her memory and her story.  I know these things in me, I just need reminders and time to think about it sometimes.

So what did I learn tonight?

  • My kids could out shop and  out mall walk me… I used to be a pro
  • My girls are becoming like real mature and grown girls… not just tall toddlers… our little itty bitty kids…
  • The above happened really freakin’ fast
  • My girls are more independent than I knew (which is good/ bad)
  • I have gotten old.
  • … yet less frugal… I actually let them pick outfits and undies for their bears…I became a sap… but at least I said no to doll beds…
  • I love seeing my daughter get a little uncomfortable but join in when her friends sing ‘Let it Go’ in The Standard… there is something important in the ability to give up caring what people think and just going with it.

Life goes on.  Life keeps moving.  Kids grow.  Babies change.  Adults get old.  We don’t see it right then… but there are moments and experiences and glimpse that we get to really fully see and feel it.  We get to appreciate it.  I guess we could fear it but… what kind of life is that?

Here are some shots of our crazy, full, whirlwind, easy, fun, family weekend… enjoying, celebrating and cooking 🙂

meme hallowwen2

meme halloeenmeme bda3meme bday 2


One thought on “They just keep growing…

  1. Erin, Luke is an only child and I promise, I never get a moment of peace. I probably created that monster though. 🙂 Love your story, they like you will always carry Maddie in their hearts, mind and soul. Watching them become grown girls will sadden and lighten your heart all at the same time. You are a fabulous women, mother friend and inspiration. Truly the women they will become will be due to your heart and examples. xoxo


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