Life is a circus.

Sometimes life is a bootcamp class, other times it is a freakin’ circus.  After a week or two of thinking I need a stronger antidepressant (the roller coaster was getting into the category of crazy not fun)… this week felt like a freakin’ circus.  Many moments I just laughed.  Sometimes all you can do is laugh… I tried to grasp some funny situations and images to look back on when it went totally circus… and heck we made it to Friday and everyone is in bed and I am still here.

If I could remember all of the things I forgot… you would all be impressed we made it Friday alive.  I am kind of glad Sparky went on ‘vacation’ with Matthew… I may have really forgotten to feed her this week.  I misplaced many things, I walking into and out of and back into and out of the laundry room over and over trying to remember a spoon for Lucy’s snack.  I forgot events that required me to be in dresses and one my best behavior.  I still haven’t paid my mortgage because I set the statement down and forget to pick it up and pay it.  Amelia had a tantrum every.single.night during homework.  My brain is double fried and extra crispy.  Sometimes I wonder how anyone lets me be in charge of anything, and how we manage to survive to bedtime with some sort of dinner in our bellies.

I have left school this week extremely tired.  I left so appreciative for my girls school (probably all schools but we live and breathe Bradt).  I recognize and love the teachers dedication to EACH and EVERY student.  I love seeing and being reminded how much of teaching is creativity and love.  I can only imagine how much work that is… I feel like that in my parenting of my girls… that is fulltimeish- these teachers do it for like 25 kids.  I also love seeing how proud these teachers are of their students progress… it helps my heart to know my girls are wrapped in people who build them… and so many other children are as well.

….  All that being said this week was a freakin’ circus.  My kids were crazy.  Kids in the halls were crazy.  I might have had to chase a runner … let’s go with several times.  It was a week that felt longer than it’s 5 days, it was like there was an extra Monday in this week.  I was/am/will be pooped until… crap longer than Monday (good thing next week is short).  I am however grateful, just as we all should be this time of year (honestly all.freakin’.year)… for the amazing people who help maintain the circus- in life, in school, in my brain… all the darn circus’s in life right now.  I am grateful for patient teachers, for patience I am gifted when I need it… I am grateful for the love and support and guidance… and education that all parts of this circus have gifted us.

I am thankful for this crazy, hot mess circus that life is… and making it to the end of a day that rivals Barnum and Baileys.  I am thankful for cute happy thoughts to get me through the crazy circus ones… for remembering my girls good in their crazy and maybe even a funny child riding a chicken toy around.  I have learned that we do…

Whatever it takes.


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