chuggin’, chuggin’ a hundred miles an hour…

Forgive me if I am loopy or cranky or spacey or I forget church school or even school… that is my today.  My voice is almost gone, I literally sound like a tired, smoking Stevie Nicks… not the normal sultry and fun one.  I have been talking on my phone  I have driven all over to grab things, think about decorations and to ease a tween who thinks I forgot her Christmas list.  I have been working on finishing our paperwork for separation.  I have been booking a hotel for another child who needs a wonderful winter with his mama’s… and I have been planning a birthday party for a lovely, feisty 8 year old (almost 9) to entertain her friends Dave and Buster’s style.  I also forgot my daughter’s had a half day… so that was our day.  BAM.  Try to beat that you pompus windbag (sorry it’s from Cinderella…).

I am flippin’ pooped.  Tomorrow is my annual ornament exchange… and currently I have 16 undone ornaments on my table awaiting a drill bit and some mod podge (if you know me you know mod podge is my yoga and duct tap… so it is my mellow.  I sure wish I weren’t rushin’ my mellow.  Alas, you know how life is (at least you all should by now)… chock full of you don’t ever know what tomorrow will bring.  Live today and prep for a tomorrow that you will never be able to prepare for.

My spirit is fed when I serve others… and when I see others serve others… my spirit is fed when I see hard and bad things turned into positive and amazing.  I was contacted by a social worker about a family who could use a ‘best day ever’.  I had tried to contact this family recently but it didn’t work.  I think God had a different idea… I think her special day was to be profound and powerful for her family.  I got ahold of this family after the social worker got permission to share.  Her Nanna had a clear and awesome idea for her day… a purple tree.  It made her sad that they were so busy and stressed that their house wasn’t decorated… and her granddaughter was a lovely, strong and stubborn tween who knew what she wanted and wouldn’t listen.  She was tired… I knew our job was to do those things for her.  To make it easier… and to show her that their family was carried and surrounded…

What started as a purple tree turned into… a thorough house cleaning, a hospital bed to be in the living room and enjoy the tree, a purple tree… decorations for living room, gifts for her granddaughter and a list from her for her family… and another couple amazing families decorating and cleaning up their yard.  A ‘herd’ doing those things that they couldn’t and don’t have time to do.  I hoped for a small group of carolers for the ‘unveiling’/’light up’ outside… but when I reached out the ‘herd’… so many wanted to carry and lift and show this family that they are there.  They are there in different ways… in prayers, in hopes, in physical needs, in food, in donations, in spirit, in sharing and supporting.  They are groups of families, church groups, choral group, bands, alumni and local foundations… that along with families that have lost or been impacted with childhood cancer.  It is going to be amazing.  I believe that this ‘best day ever’ will fall into awesome… fall into it’s place.  This family needs to see their awesome, strong community.  I want to leave and for her to feel loved and strong and confident.  I also want to thank anyone who has helped pull this together… you all effing rock.  I am amazed and impressed and honored and blessed… it is moments and plans and ‘best days ever’ like this that get me through the hard stuff. Sometimes the exhaustion of planning them will get me down and tired… but I know that the energy and blessing are tenfold…

So watch for this one… it will be amazing and crazy and  blessed.  I know it.  Madeline let me know she is on board with this one…

If you cant be here send love, send prayers… if you need a person to help this holiday season bug me… I gotta girl who Madeline wants to enjoy lots and


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