The gift that makes me late…

An electric blanket… the gift that makes me look bad.

I was late again… the past week I have been late anytime I lay down in my bed.  Last week I crashed and almost missed the bus… and we have school we are late.  I blame it on the electric blanket.  That thing makes it impossible to leave my bed… seriously.  It is freakin’ amazing and the devil all in one.

When I was home for Thanksgiving I was joking about how I wish I could hire someone to warm my bed up, my room is freezing and unheated (old, true cape cod).   Needless to say it is really hard to open up the cold sheets and climb in… but I must.  Last week a package came from target- an electric blanket.  BAM.  I even knew who got it.  The girls insisted they sleep with me that night and we had our first bout of being late and missing the bus because we all slept so warm and cozy until 8:30… I texted my sister-in-law thank you but I think the gift would have been kinder if it included a really loud alarm clock and a butler to bring me my coffee  (or a wife… if I had a wife I could count on her for coffee and alarm clocks… and dishes and good fashion advice… crap maybe I just need a wife????)  Anyway back to story… we have been lazy and late since that blanket came to live here.  Maybe it was my forced slow down… maybe it is a blessing in disguise.  I know that I will never, well until summer, sleep without it.  I have decided that even if it is an evil blanket it is staying right there until the sun comes back out and there is no more COLD and BITTER nights.

You know what was the best?  The thought that my sister-in-law and brother just sent it… and wanted me to know that they send love and think of us lots.  I love that.  I love when people just send thoughtful gifts and just let me know they are supporting and carrying still.  I feel like there are lil elves… a family friend sent an amazon gift card to get the girls something special… <3.  Its special to know my girls are loved… Thank you elves.


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