Moments from a Cancer Mom (Guest Post)

One of the most special parts of my blog is sharing words that help people connect and relate.  It is really special or know that I can help another mom share her words and thoughts… and give a different perspective and relatable pieces of her very different journey.  So please read and share and comment… so my friend and guest writer can see how her words are relatable and maybe tangible… if not tangible then they can help you feel bits of what her journey is like…  (thank you to my guest writer, trust me when I tell you she is amazing and strong)

Moments from a Cancer Mom

I have these moments that stop me in my tracks. Moments that take my breath away and utterly surprise me with the degree of emotion they bring.   These moments aren’t always the ones that you would expect to have an impact. The stories on the news of sports teams supporting children with cancer or the gratitude and sadness I can see in a family who has been helped by a local charity always brings tears… I am prepared for those emotional moments. I expect them.

However, other times, there are moments- positive moments, simple moments, that almost knock the wind out of me. These moments take me by surprise, turn me upside down and shake me a little bit. Today I saw a story about people trying to get legislative approval for a NYS license plate that said “Cure Childhood Cancer.’   It was such a positive, simple message in the fight against Childhood Cancer yet, it brought me to tears – almost uncontrollable tears. I am not sure why, I’ve stopped trying to figure out why.

I know that having a child with cancer changes you, it changes the way you see things, changes the way you feel, it changes the way you look at the world and changes they way you react to many things. I’ve learned that it can’t be explained or understood by others. I truly hope that there are fewer and fewer of us that understand this emotional rollercoaster. It’s these moments, those stop-me-in-my-tracks-bring-me-to-tears-moments I am reminded to slow down, to be grateful and to remember… to just take and feel that much needed moment.

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2 thoughts on “Moments from a Cancer Mom (Guest Post)

  1. I have such a hard time dealing with my life. My husband moving out, his psychological injuries, our confusing relationship. My own health issues, not knowing why I am hurting, medicine prescriptions, missing work, finding a way to pay the bills. But then I read your words, read Erin’s words.

    I am righted.

    There is nothing like dealing with pain in a child you love. My step daughter is my daughter to me. I couldn’t fathom cancer. I hurt when my friends kids are in pain.

    I am constantly blown away by the strength and love and compassion you ladies share with the world. Keep believing in your efforts. You are making more of a difference than you will ever know.


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