Paradise and Time.

The past few days I have had a lot of time as just me, my friend had to work. I think she feels badly that I came down and she is working… but honestly I need time just me. I dropped her off at work and went to the beach yesterday. I walked and watched and listened… I found shells for my girls. I just was there. I didn’t get all deep in my thoughts or anything, it just felt great to just ‘be’. There was no other place I was supposed to ‘be’.

I spend my days and hours and weeks having to ‘be’ all over, ‘be’ all sorts of things… right now I am just here not being anything. It feels great. Sunny, sandy and simple. I am not here working on projects or meetings, I don’t have to maintain the schedule of church school, activities, dog feedings, birthday parties… I am only in charge of me. It is nice to have no expectations or need-to-do’s. I think this is my kinda vacation, unplanned and just here ‘being’. Honestly God did not make me to be a travel agent… planned stressed me out. So this break and bits of just being alone has been such a gift.

Tomorrow we go on a cruise, I have never been on a cruise. It will be a great adventure and it will be so warm there. I can not wait. I mean it has been a long time for me to feel this sun and warmth that I am enjoying here. I may have to squash a winter vacation in every year. I get it now people… winter is hard and dark… this bit of bright will get me through the next part of winter. Maybe God will let the sun resonate for the coming weeks inside my Vitamin D lacking self. Maybe He will help me maintain this little bright and simple for the hard and dark coming.

I scoped the beach for a really cool shell, I wanted a conch or something… but I couldn’t find a whole one. I found lots of little pieces and neat shells. I even found a crab skeleton for Lucy… there were some great shrimp exoskeleton that they would have loved but they were so delicate. I found some black shells and thought how great it is that even shells love a LBD. I guess I never thought about black shells… maybe they look skinnier J. Next trip is bringing a dry Starbuck’s cup and collecting sand to bring to Madeline’s spot. She needs a little of this trip up on her hill. Hopefully I will be able to find the girls souvenirs… they requested turtle shells. I don’t even know where to find a dead turtle shell… I hope they will settle for a shark tooth or shells. I can’t wait to find little bits of adventure for them.

On a funny note, I am seeing more of me in my lovely friend down here. She makes me laugh. I think we were made for this adventure. Rocking to country music, drinking wine, laughing, driving, talking about everything… even taking adventures for forgotten important things. Honestly it is great how similar we are… we are both forgetful type B ladies who love people, love fun and have strong faith. I met the other me that falls in wedges, laughs at her mistakes and forgets very important documents and clothes It has been an amazing adventure so far… I will stop here and update you all soon.

Thanks for the love and positive energy Polka Dot Tree Climbers… you are all by far some of the best gifts in this crazy, hard and awesome journey.


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