New Places + New Adventures + New Experiences = New Erin

So… I worked in this amazing Special Education classroom (a couple actually). I loved it and learned a ton about all people and children. I loved this board she had made about trying new things. Imagine if in elementary school you rewarded children for attempting to try new things? Things as little as pumpkin pie (hard for me to understand sine I.LOVE.PIE)… but this board is a huge incentive for children maybe with special needs to try new things (green beans, carrots, milk…). Imagine if that included other things in life. My vacation was full of those things. I thought of that board every.single.time. I thought of the challenge of trying new foods, doing new things… just the importance of it all. Maybe I just want to feel brave when I get to New York again. I don’t know. I will go with that, I want to know I am brave. BAM. So I tried many new things…

What kind of new things????? Let’s get to that.

  1. I wore my first two piece bathing suit. I just wore it. No cover up… I wore my wedge flip flops and some rockin’ big earrings. I was told by the cutest chick here that I look great. She told me “You look beautiful.” She didn’t say “holy freakin’ cottage cheese…. Mama put some pants on”… which is what my brain was fighting with. She honestly told me I was beautiful. <3.   It made my heart super happy. I wore my first two piece and it wasn’t black, another newbie for Miss Erin. I wore it and a big, messy pony and decided to just do it anyway. I can not rock those amazing and hot bikinis, but I can rock me. I can rock all of me… even the part that is training for a polar bear dip…
  2. I ate alligator last night. BAM. I don’t even like olives and I tried (kind of liked alligator)… kudos bold chick, keep on trying new things.
  3. I tried Conch… not the shell but the guy that lives in it. The restaurant had amazing drinks and awesome Conch Fritters. I actually liked them… what? What? I did. The corn and spices and things they were tasty. I mean all of that “I don’t like seafood it’s a texture thing” must have been a lie- my friend’s lovely has introduced me and challenged me to just step outside the box and try it. He rocks. (PS I still hate salmon and duck. Don’t do it.)
  4. I ate some snails and they rocked. It might have been the butter… but snails are tasty and slow moving.   I mean there was a piece of it’s body that was weird and stringy but… honestly I can’t judge the snail for his body chewability right???
  5. Did I mention I wore a two piece??? I did??? Move on Erin.
  6. I went to a new country (not Canada) and enjoyed travelling and exploring. Nassau was so beautiful. The colors, the food, the environment… plus it is right smack dab next to freakin’ the water = paradise. I loved seeing people smile and enjoy the restaurants and locale. It was different than all of the other places I have been. It was slow. There were beautiful kids who were eating shrimp at their family’s little restaurants. I loved it. I loved the beaches right there, water and then awesome cool little shops and walk up places.
  7. I got spanked by a cool local woman… with a very good spank. It freakin’ hurt… but it was definitely an experience. She was very funny and island… we had a great time hanging out there until there were underfed Bohemian Dogs that came to hang out. Those poor dogs… some things just really stink in other places.
  8. I totally went on an airboat adventure. I was the only non-cold one (thank you NY genes and extra insulation I wasn’t super cold). I loved the whole experience. It was amazing. I had never ever gone on an airboat adventure. It was fast and cool and fun. I am very thankful. I got to see alligators. It was awesome. I saw real alligators, in their homes. Did you know how big they are??? They are much bigger than I thought.
  9. I am loving and rocking an awesome dress that requires no bra. I have not worn a dress sans bra since April… as then, it is liberating and scary. So… tonight I am going to rock ,my lovely halter dress sans bra. So this is a different to me, a little hippy (Proud Dania???)
  10. I played Black Jack, after watching and observing and thinking maybe I could try… I did. I managed to spend 20$ for about an hours worth of entertainment. I think it was totally worth to 20$ to sit and hang out for an hour. I also tried roulette- and that 20$ only lasted a couple of minutes…

So new Erin is coming home tomorrow (my flight was delayed)… she is lighter in spirits and life… she is darker in skin and she is ready to take on the month. I have heard and seen lots of little bits of Madeline and I know she is sending me home refreshed. I feel refreshed. I feel good. I like the new Erin… I like trying new things that I might be a little scared to do. I like to be a little uncomfortable… a little unsafe.


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