Everything is a Miracle.

there are two waysI have said this before and I know it is true… life is all about perspective.  You can look and see a miracle interlaced with the mess and only see the mess… or you can look to the miracle.  For every extraordinarily hard moment there are moments of light, moments of love and miracles (or you can look the junk and only see that… your choice).  I mostly choose to see the miracles, though sometimes I fall into only seeing the junk.  I also believe that having, seeing and getting through junk makes the miracle even more amazing.  Would you truly appreciate your children, your home and your life if you didn’t have your own piles of hard to climb up… no we wouldn’t.  Even in this crazy winter think about all of the small businesses that rely on winter to thrive… how hard years past have been for them and in our pile of shoveling, cursing and complaining they are flourishing the way they needed to.

This weekend was chock full of miracle moments.  On Saturday I got to see my favorite little miracle twins… Brynn and Nora.  Those ladies are happy and awesome little people who happened to be born on a hard day for so many.  It was like God was softening some hard, which He often does.  These awesome ladies had nine-ish months to get to know their grandpa and Madeline then grace us with some amazing happy and funny living.  I have loved seeing their mom and dad thrive at parenting and living… good stuff in a hard.

We got to party and celebrate my Nana’s 90th birthday.  Watching the great grandkids run and play and hang out… telling stories and catching up. I think family together is a miracle.  We were all made to be together, but time and life keep so many far apart… so it is pretty special that so many combined and celebrated (not  to mention my Nana turned 90.  ‘nuf said)

Ever had a person in your life that you just see ‘Miracle’???  A child or adult who just defies something really hard and maybe impossible?  That, for me, is Baby Brenna (who is not a baby anymore).  She was born with a very different heart and had a pretty terrible prognosis, then she thrived.  As she grew and thrived she outgrew the heart work that was done… so she was faced with another scary and dangerous surgery- she rocked that recovery and continues to thrive and grow and prove her miracle status.  Yesterday I saw her walk and dance and play- just like a child who hasn’t had crazy surgeries and hardships.  My favorite moment though is when she didn’t get her own way and Brenna proceeded to plop her butt to the floor and slowly drop her head to the floor… then start kicking in the air- just to make it known that things didn’t go her way.  It was awesome and funny… I told her momma she’s a miracle even in her mad.  In all of those crazy moments of surgeries and fear, our minds don’t let us think ahead to things.  One day at a time, then on one of those ‘one day at a time’s’ we look over and she is throwing a normal kid dramatic temper tantrum,… and we see the miracle of life and normal and God- or we see the annoying and junky in it.  It is all in the perspective…

Today I get to take another lil’ miracle to lunch… to catch up with them before they head back to the warmth.  Today the girls and I get to hang with Ryder Snow and his awesome daddy… we get to chat and catch up with a lil’ miracle.  Ryder, you see, has the same type of tumor that Madeline had and he is still doing very well.  It is awesome.  It makes me very happy .  I also love to know that his family let him be him, Ryder, and experience real and normal life. That is honestly the best thing to do always, not just when we are faced with a really hard life. We are not gifted knowledge of the future… life can change at any moment. We are not promised moments, experiences or time in life… we are only here and now, one day at a time creatures. I love that Ryder is surrounded and carried by so many that help Michael and his family do just that, enjoy day by day, hour by hour and moment by moment. Ryder’s miracle of time is one that so many are thankful for… the Big Guy has a plan for him, a purpose. He is an amazing, adorable and loved lil’ miracle. Madeline’s miracle looked nothing like others miracle, her gift of time was so very different… but I trust in Him to guide us all through the puzzle, the mazes and the messes… to see the miracles.

So look to the miracles, stand on top of your pile of hard and see the amazing… it is all around.  Amazing can be disguised as normal or small… or super profound.  Let it be what it is, amazing and miraculous.  Then keep chuggin’ up your piles of heavy and hard and icky…


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