Garth. Freedom. Rewind and Refresh.

Woke up with sore feet, a hoarse voice and happy heart. Damn that was a good show… that was a great night. I think EPIC is pretty close…

On Monday my sister in law asked if I wanted to go Friday night to see Garth Brooks in Buffalo. I had all sorts of reasons to say no, I had just driven all weekend and had a thousand events, I was exhausted from that… but I thought screw it, I am going. So there, the plan with no plan was made. I didn’t know where we were staying, what we were eating or where we were sitting, only that I needed to be in Syracuse by 6 to park and get picked up.

A little history… while all of my friends growing up were loving and obsessing on boy bands and boyfriends… I was busy being in love with Garth, wearing oversized Tweety Bird tee shirts, watching HomeTime and refinishing furniture (all of which I am proud of except the big tee shirts… people should have warned me). I have a huge collection of Garth CD’s and badly wanted to see him perform. Then he went into semi-retirement. He took all of that time to take care of his family and his kids growing up… but I missed him. So when a chance to see him came I was in… BAM.must.attend. I was so flippin’ excited getting in the car, free from all my life crazy-… to go see my man (well Trisha Yearwood’s man, but I can dream). I dug out my collection of Garth CD’s and rocked out in the car… singing Rodeo and The Thunder Rolls and one of my favorites How you ever gonna know?… Heck, I made it through them all. Then my ride grabbed me… they were not privy to knowing that I had a bag full of CD’s and a plethora of trivia knowledge with me.  They probably learned a lot about the Erin that grew up in Brownville.

We laughed in the car ride and sang and told stories and caught up. It was a van full of fun and funny women- free from the craziness at our homes. We were free, did I mention that. The conversation was quirky and funny and most definitely involved a very sexy navigation voice (we’ll call her Vivienne) guiding our way and making us laugh. We got to our hotel and managed to turn into an alleyway into the underground parking garage that would not let us in. As always this trip was an adventure, the best kind. We got to town with enough time to grab some fancy Domino’s Pizza and a tiny bit of wine, before heading to the show. The show started at 10:30pm… I was unsure of how I would stay up… but after a cold and squashed trek we made it to the arena. I might add, that while loading my things into my sister in law’s van I forgot my jacket. I was the idiot in Buffalo, at night, in the winter with no freakin’ jacket. I probably looked like I was trying to be cool, but really I was just stupid cold. Thankfully, a week before I did a Polar Plunge and the added insulation and up-to-date experience really helped me thrive in that cold. So… there was a positive to that super cold fundraiserJ.

We got to our seats, 300 something and looked around from the super high vantage point and saw SOOOOO many people. Apparently Garth can fill a stadium with 40,000 people 6 times over in about 3 days… because he rocks. The seats we had, that were luck of the draw and all priced the same throughout, were the same.exact.seats as when I went with girlfriends to see Lady Gaga. It was weird, like a little note from the Big Guy that I was supposed to be here. What the heck are the odds… in that whole space, in the randomness of those tickets, we were in the same spot. It was a cool feeling and made me remember a lot from a really fun night. I remembered details that I had really forgotten, or maybe put away, who knows.

The show started and time passed by way too fast. When I could tell the show was ending soon, it was sad. He performed for 2 and a half hours, but it went by in like moments.   I would do it again tomorrow in a heartbeat… it was awesome. I felt very light and happy and a little like old Erin (the naive one from a long long time ago). I remembered how those songs that used to be so tangible weren’t the ones I connected to anymore. I loved being surrounded by so many positive and happy and entertained people… it was refreshing and made me feel stronger.

Coming home on Saturday I felt sad to have no backup singers. On Friday I was loving my freedom, but Saturday afternoon I could not wait to share this with my ladies… to see and hug them. It was nice to miss them and know I couldn’t wait to share…

That Friday night was just what I needed. I needed a lil adventure and some easy fun times. I needed to laugh until my cheeks hurt and just be somewhere else. I needed to reflect on the naïve Erin that isn’t me anymore but is a big part of me. I heard his words and was reminded of memories and bits of life that have made me the way I am. I needed to be with some fun women who were easy and simple and free. I am so glad this opportunity popped up. I know it was meant to be… I do. I love how the right things happen at the right time. God provides the girls and I with the people we need, the adventures to explore and grow together and the tools to get through the rough stuff. He always takes care of us… Madeline always takes good care of us… it’s why we are okay in this pile of rough stuff that has been out of our hands… we are loved and carried.


(this one is a favorite, for all, but really shows my feelings with my Lovely Mads and Musto Chicks…)


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