Little Happys.

This morning was one of those unset the alarm clock mornings. I didn’t even know that we didn’t have school until Wednesday, what a nice surprise. We stayed up watching Steel Magnolias and setting no alarm. Lucy came up to my bed and said “I am first one up”… I said “you can snuggle with me or go watch George”. She of course chose PBS over quiet with mommy, and I closed my eyes and situated with Bacchus (Molly’s dog).


After a little while of checking emails and playing on my phone Lucy brought up breakfast for me to have in bed. She knows me well, a Greek yogurt and a nice big spoon. She then set out to make me coffee, even had to add water to the side. Then she got upstairs with my ‘Best Day Ever’ mug and a big smile. So I get to sit in my bed and drink coffee and type and take a little while off the day of picking up and organizing and working out.


As I sit in bed I feel happy, it is a little thing but it makes me happy when my daughters take care of me. It makes me even more happy when I told Lucy that she could add a sticker to her chart (something we are trying for kindness and responsibility and picking up dog poop… to earn allowance) and she said this was not for a sticker. She didn’t need a sticker for being kind… BAM. My heart feels good right now. This has been a short morning, so far, I think I have only been awake for an hour… but my bucket is filled and I feel happy.

Small happy moments, small gestures are big deals. Seeing my girls hold doors for others or pick things up for people… make me feel happy and proud of them. This morning I feel proud of Lucy (Amelia is snuggled in bed with me a little tired and I love her just the same J). I just feel full and happy and blessed this morning for Lucy’s small kindness.

For the months before Madeline passed, even though it was winter, she would tell me on Mother’s Day she was going to bring me breakfast in bed. I asked “What will you bring me?” she would tell me a Chobani and coffee. I told her, Mads you know it doesn’t HAVE to be Mother’s Day for you to spoil me J. I don’t know if she caught my drift (every weekend I would love breakfast in bed and well behaved children)… She would insist that she would take care of me on Mother’s Day. Lucy knows it is my Birthday weekend and they are with their dad, so I don’t know if she would think to spoil me regularly, but this is more than enough.

After Madeline died, Amelia knew Madeline’s plan and she took care of me that Mother’s Day. She brought me a pink tray with coffee and a Chobani with a spoon broken into the foil. I think some fruit as well. It was a great morning, a bittersweet happy- a bucket fill, small/big happy.

Small stuff, it is all about the small stuff… not sweating it, appreciating it, giving it, loving it… this morning I am thankful for my lovely’s small happy kind gesture.


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