Every once in a while I have an opportunity to help another share their story, journey or lessons.  I know how important it is to share different perspectives and stories… I know how important it is to write your thoughts and share them.  I am thankful and honored when another trusts me to share their thoughts on my page… it helps us grow and heal and find support.

This is a guest post from a mother who has a child with cancer… a little one who fights hard now.  She asked me to share, I will ask you to do the same.  Send her thoughts, love and support for her and her family as they jump the hurdles and get through this… send them vibes and strength for the next challenge.  So enjoy a guest post from another mama… with a different journey…



I was never a hurdler in school; I was a sprinter. I am a sprinter.

I liked fast and smooth- clear sailing to the finish line. I did not like things getting in my way. I still don’t.

The funny thing about life is that you do not get to choose your race or your path. It is handed to you and you are to get through. I do not get to sprint in this life but instead- Cancer has become my hurdle.

The thing with cancer is that it is not only the disease that wears you down, but all the other obstacles that come with it. It is even worse when cancer happens to your child.

Like any parent, I would take away all the pain, fear and anxiety in a heartbeat. There have been many days where I have begged and pleaded for this to happen. However, that is not my assigned lane, my race. The finish line is in sight, but you are tired and don’t know how you are possibly going to be able to finish.

Soon you are left with horrific memories that, no matter how hard you try, won’t leave your mind. They haunt you, try to hold you back. Those memories and fears are the wind that you can’t seem to break through. Just when you are approaching the finish line, the end is in sight- you are left with thoughts, a broken spirit, a child with anxiety, a child who was forced to grow up too fast and a marriage that is forever altered.

All of these things are waiting for you at the finish line…. Torn into shreds and broken. Somehow, someway, you must find the strength and courage to piece these things back together and continue on with life… a “normal” life.

Suddenly, you realize that there are people who are cheering you on over those hurdles, have been since the beginning of this race. Helping you, guiding you and pushing you. They can’t move the hurdles out of your way, but they can hold your hand as you go over them. You will get over them. No matter how tall and scary they seem to be. You will put those torn pieces back together. They will not look like they did at the starting line of the race- but they are held together and so are you.


One thought on “Hurdles.

  1. I wish I coukd take away your pain. Now that you are sharing this part of your life you have shown what a strong person you are. You will make it over all,of the hurdles and will eventually become even stronger.


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