A Happy Mother’s Day


I love being a mom. My girls are my favorite, even when they drive me BANANAS. They sometimes fight too much, they sometimes bite… but then I see them love each other and me and it just melts my heart (that is soooooo cliché). I feel this strong and tight feeling inside of me, I think it is the way that love feels. I find myself smiling at them with a big stupid grin and feeling strongly connected and proud of them and that moment.


Today was perfect, even with my sore and peeling shoulders (Lake George + sun = sunburnt Irish chick). I loved the day of adventures with my chicklets… no plan. I am thinking back to some of the funny moments and seeing that they mostly include Lucy is no surprise. Lucy most definitely wore her new shirt she picked at Polkadots last night, a handsome little Nautica button up. She was so excited to get a milkshake right after Mass, early in the morning, she polished it off fast. She then burped in front of a lot of people… strangers. I was hangin’ with that kid. I am surprised Amelia didn’t disown her. She was a hot mess at the beach, but man she HAD to get the beach and get in the sand. She also had to wear jeans because they looked ‘AWESOME’ with her new shirt. She dug holes in the sand, went too far in the water and got soaked… all the while Amelia twirled and put her feet in the COLD water. Amelia stayed pretty neat and just looked like a happy girl with her feet in the water. It was perfect.

momday5 momday2 momday3 momday1

We attempted the wax museum, but those girls put up a good front about not being scared of anything… we got to the top of the stairs and couldn’t make it down the first hallway. I might have looked like a big wuss , but honestly that hall freaked.me.out. I was not going first… so we quit and headed over to do bumper boats. I think that was safer for us all. I loved seeing them drive the boat and squirt the water and laugh, it was so cute. I love seeing them have fun and be happy. They are quite a pod… I am glad they are my pod.


We got souvenirs and lunch, I laughed at the souvenirs they picked. Amelia a cool Indianish Lake George purse and Lucy a stuffed animal… like one from Walmart, a 10$ one that was made like junk. She just loved him… sometimes I cringe at the choices they make… honestly she could have gotten a geode or a cool name plate- but she HAD to get a stuffed dog. Just reminders to be patient and tolerant and different… right?

So it was an awesome and simple day. We ended it with Lucy fighting me to eat steak and salad, because she hates healthy food. We ended it with an awesome friend helping me grill, because I lack that skill. I am ending my day hot and sunburnt… but happy. I am content and love where I am at… I love my chickens, my friends, my family and my life. I am glad for the sun, the sand and my girls… I even look forward to the new layer of skin I will have on my shoulders… ish. Today was a great day, a perfect day. My moments and day only lacked one extraordinarily important person, but she was there. Lucy told me she would be at the playground or the beach- I know she was all.over.the.place. She loved seeing her sisters happy, seeing them love me. Madeline loved seeing them get milkshakes at 11am and run around like crazy people at the beach…

Happy Mother’s Day… to all you mamas out there… every.single.kind.of.mama. Thank you God for all of the blessings and love. I love this job, this gift. At the end of the day, all.of.them, I know that I am right where I need to be.



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