Fast Normal. Full Normal.

What a whirlwind of a weekend, catching up and still trying to catch up. I love that I can literally SEE progress… I see a house that is pretty clean (hey, it’s the best I can do), a yard that looks like the prettiest dog park EVER (three dogs poop and run a lot)… and some bill paid, Maddie’s Mark work and more. I even got a really good run in and started full blown training for the 18.12 Challenge. I am sitting on my bottom watching TV with my ladies thinking it feels VERY hot and my hips hurt. BUT… I worked and worked with my super awesome friend and my yard looks great, did I mention my yard looks great???

I look back at a great weekend and know that no part could have been done ALL.BY.MYSELF. It was a weekend of fun with my nieces and nephews. We hiked, played, ate and enjoyed some fashion shows. It was a bright way to start a holiday weekend and reminded me that a new normal is the normal. It was awesome and easy and happy. My family left and my girls went to their dad’s house… so the weekend turned into finishing many projects and brain lists. I had to make a delivery for Maddie’s Mark (to an awesome playground project near Saratoga) and then the first ‘long’ run of my training for the 18.12 Challenge. Of course an adventure turned VERY adventure- we got stuck in traffic for an accident. All I could think about was missing lunch, I packed no granola bars or snacks… what if??? So we ran a nice hilly and hard run and it felt good- minus the hip pain of being old and out of shape. Then we prepped for lots of work on Monday. I am thankful of the people who got me to tonight… to the good mood I have had and carried this weekend. I am thankful for the ones who make me push when I am pooped or help me have less chaos in life.

Do you ever feel like you just CAN.NOT.CATCH.UP? Every year has a new challenge of catching up, at least that is how it is for me. I don’t get boring years, or maybe I don’t want them. This year I started working at the girls school (I LOVED IT) and then picked up time for a teacher at preschool who is out sick. My laundry is NEVER all done, but I guess it never was… we are always wearing something that needs washing even when the rest is done. My windows are never clean and they are full of nose marks… wait I am acting like I used to wash windows regularly. My girls are clean and fed… my dogs (and Molly’s) are happy and kind of well behaved… and I am here and good and chuggin’. Last year I was not working and life was full then- now I have a job and life is full- just as full. So… when the helpers help I just say thank you. I guess we just have to accept and live in the new normal, right? New normal includes a different Musto Mountain of Laundry. New normal involves time with no girls to catch up and go out and have different adventures. New normal is finding a balance of letting some things go and taking some things on… and at the end of the day lovin’ what I have that works.



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