Free Counselling…

This week has been full of it, full of free counselling. Man I missed this part of it all… I missed seeing my friends and stopping by to drop something off only to stay and have your kids swim a ghetto in their clothes and eat chocolate oatmeal bars. I miss going to my YMCA and running and coming back in for coffee with my ladies. Those ladies are some of the best counselling there is, and they will cheer you up if you are low (even if you don’t want to be lifted). Welcome back normal… welcome back Erin in Stay at Home Mama mode… I have missed you so.


This week I got several counselling sessions sans copay (I love my counsellor and NEED to see her and give her a copay soon but this is good for now). Yesterday while my kiddos jumped in a lovely and fancy pool (in their clothes) my amazing and mellow friend and I hang out and ate cookies and talked life and veggie garden. It cleaned some brain and I felt a bit like old Erin. Old Erin and old Musto girls were often at friends for playdates and life… enjoying and laughing. On hard days we lifted our friends and sometimes they lifted us up, all this while playing and snacking on treats.

The girls got to go to camp today, not just any camp but this awesome camp that is like an overnight camp that is just days. It is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. So I dropped them off this morning, hung out for a big, ate a bagel (seriously I fail eating well and headed to my car. I started talking to another momma with a crazy cancer kid journey. Her lovely is doing great- rockin’ her scars and living well. She is a 3 year old on a mission to run as much as possible… she is a momma who needed the few hours of camp to hit up Target and organize life… and to breathe. We got chatting and talking and laughing… we each talked about the challenges and the amazing in this hard journey. She sees the awesome in it all… I love those connections. I love those families… It was an awesome hour of free counselling. I only wish we had a comfy chair and coffee instead of standing in a parking lot for an hour. Finally we left and I felt lighter… I know she did as well. I felt connected and familiar and my soul felt lighter. I have missed these connections lately. This crazy schedule of life, baseball, school, events, best days ever… sometimes keeps me from some of my old connections. It is a blessing when I get to have that part again and feel that comfortable connection.

Zip, zip, zip… from that free counselling session I was off to the next. Honestly if these ladies charged my insurance would have quit on me long ago… I met a friend for a run. I love that best, 4 miles of the good stuff. Of the brutal and the funny. We talked ½ marathon training, dehydration… goals to not get all icky and old like some of the people we see in life… we talked about our lovelies, vacation and lots. 4 miles is only enough to cover soooo much… I can’t wait to run longer with her. Honestly, I learned more about myself and my best ladies in that 9-13 mile range. If you can run 18 miles with a friend you have crossed into a really special place. Those sessions of counselling are kind of free… in money… but really the copay is a sore body, hangry stomach and smelly smelly hugs goodbye. The work you do in you brain, heart and soal in those hours of running are NECESSARY though. They are for me. They are for others in my herd…

This week and all this free counselling is showing me a bit of Erin from previous summers and life. It is reminding me to bug my counsellor more, I miss her. It is reassuring me how much I love staying home with my girls and how I appreciate the support I have always had in that role. It is a different life, but it has been a favorite messy journey for me. It is reminding me how I need people, they need me. I need be connected and I need to connect to others. It solidifies how important the connections He send my way are. How the threads are all sewn and woven just for me… and those threads are there for connections. To talk, run, laugh, move, live, eat, grow, swim, watch… whatever it may be. He is in those threads. All of the free counselling sessions happened with just the right people at just the right time. He knows that, He planned it. I love that about Him. I am grateful for the net of love He has wrapped around my girls and I. I am grateful that the right people are right there… I just need to connect. I am grateful to see my chickens grow and be healthy and kind and loved. I am blessed to know I am loved. I am enjoying the journey… I am thankful for the extra support when I need it and I know my friends are grateful when they need it.

So… back to the normal it is. Time for me to enjoy my time with my girls and friends and connections. Back to the running and boot camping and training… playdates and days together. Back to some of the old normal… old routine. <insert a sign of relief and rest>

Welcome back free counselling…


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